1. mythology aesthetic, surrealism, victorian aesthetic, dark academia aesthetic genuinely dark aesthetic ENTP 7w8

  2. Not a movie, but when I was really in to anime I watched one called Banana Fish. Could barely eat for 3 days and just felt numb after crying so much. I dunno, I’ve watched lots of movies and shows that weren’t animated but nothing has left me more broken than that one. If you do watch it, remember to watch the after credits scene on the last episode. Or don’t, it’ll probably hurt less.

  3. Ohh bananafish I cried myself to sleep that night and after nearly 1 year I barely get over it

  4. I'll give you an option to make a guess after you watch the movie, but if you'd prefer to know right now -

  5. Oh I love little games now I want to watch it even more lol

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