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  1. Didn’t musk buy the title “founder” too though?

  2. He also allegedly bought his economic degree from Wharton and has lied fro decades about having graduated with a BS in Physics

  3. This is the most ironic part about the company being named after Nikola Tesla considering thst Edison stole Tesla's inventions and claimed them as is because he had money

  4. Yeah tell that to the victims of the genocide carried out by Japan during WW2. Go read the rape of Nanking.

  5. He is surely not getting "great sleep". He is likely scared out of his mind of what's to come - He will undoubtedly be indicted for wire fraud and various other financial crimes. Holmes just got 11 years. He will get more.

  6. Won't happen. He's very well connected and was the second largest donor to Biden. The current SEC chairman used to work for his dad who is the Head of MIT Economic Department.

  7. Why do you chodes always forget to mention he donated millions to Republicans as well?

  8. Well how are donations to Republicans supposed to help him avoid being prosecuted for his crimes when they aren't in control of the executive branch?

  9. Exact same thing happened to the exact same players pictured in the Euros last summer

  10. The article mentioned most of the tweets have been on the platform for months so some are probably leftovers from the Euros.

  11. This is crazy because they scored multiple goals and helped England defeat Iran 6-2.

  12. Question, are they just playing endlessly or do they happen for a short time and stop

  13. I also hate Musk and completely believe he’s into shady shit. But I think I found a giant flaw in the no visa argument. Just bringing it up because I’m confused and welcome peoples thoughts.

  14. His parents didn't own any emerald mine. His father was a con man who claimed to have had a stake in a mine which was probably worth around 250k. But there's no evidence any of that being true. Hope that clarifies things for you. additionally Elon and his father are estranged and I believe he left SA both to avoid the draft and to get away from him so doubt he would have been financially supported by his father who Elon has repeatedly called the worst person in the world.

  15. Yeah his dad is 70 something and he just had a baby with his step daughter. He really is a horrible human being.

  16. This is satire or parody as Elon would call it

  17. While this is probably right and awful, I dont know if it’s a good idea to share that image of bankman-fried, as it appears to be inspired by antisemitic depictions of Jews.

  18. The man stole billion of dollars from his customers and laundered tax payer money for the Democrats. What does his race or ethnicity has to do with it? I doubt anyone even knew he was Jewish cause I didn't..what about the Ukrainian president he's also Jewish is it antisemitic to criticize him as well even though he's got Nazi militias.

  19. Anyone got a source on Ukraine pouring money, or even “investing” any, into FTX?


  21. Are we supposed to feel sorry for a company that overcharge people for a life saving drug? Insulin should be free

  22. That video was truly one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen

  23. Can't tell what's worse that he recorded and posted this or that he thought he was in the right and people would side with him

  24. Protect Trans Producers ✊🏿️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  25. Yeah, it's basically a money making scam disguised as protection against impersonation, or free speech, or ad control, or whichever narrative fits that day.

  26. He's not actually trying to disguise it. He's admitted that it's a money making scam..he said 'we gotta pay the bills somehow.' I think part of the uproar and the reason people have been impersonating him is to highlight how this new system where anyone can buy a blue check without verification would lead to fake accounts with blue check.

  27. If that’s year over year then it’s not completely crazy. Using last year as a starting point will result in a large decline no matter how you look at it.

  28. Yes it is YOY. Totally agree it's expected.

  29. Can someone explain this like I'm five? I'm sure there are disagreements on this but like what policies/politicians/corporations are responsible for causing this and how do we fix it? I don't know how we got here or how we get out

  30. during the pandemic, the Fed was keeping interest rates artificially low, everyone was taking out new mortgages or refinancing their existing mortgage to take advantage of the very low rates.. and then the Fed started raising interest rates very aggressively in order to bring inflation down after they refused to acknowledge it was a problem for over a year. As a result of this mortgage rates went from 2-3% to an average of 7% now so people aren't exactly applying for new mortgage loans or refinancing existing ones.

  31. Didn't know the authors of the Declaration of Independence were all New Yorkers.

  32. I'd pay anything to be able to change it. This was way back when he was all about fighting climate change and making environmentally friendly EV.

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