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  1. He could have just said "You say what I want to hear" and saved himself a load of typing.

  2. So he knows how long it takes but Chris and all his vet devs are unable to give a date. Give this man a job!

  3. Honestly I cant even tell if hellion is comparable because all the gameplay videos are 8 hours of walking around in corridors. Let's agree that it does have seamless first person planet to space gameplay - that perfectly supports the point I was making,because it's exactly like star citizen in the fact that it was apparently quite successful despite being released in a horribly broken state and never finished.

  4. Your assumption appears to be that people who never contributed to a system should have the right to claim from that system. I disagree with that assumption, because it seems clear that people from under-developed countries specifically target the UK to become an asylum seeker because of the benefits they and their children will receive, regardless of whether they are granted asylum or not. And as we know the UK is famous for its inability to deport known criminals.

  5. Thanks for the links. All they show is that countries geographically neighbouring war-torn countries are more likely to get immigrants from those war torn areas, with the notable exception of Sweden which has epidemic levels of crime as a result.

  6. He has a live game with perpetual "progress" from his perspective, and he wants it to keep it alive for as long as possible, he is totally upright here. Building the "Star Citizen universe" forever. Nothing "clever" or anything like that going on here, he is straight and open about this. It's just that the community doesn't want to believe it...

  7. I wouldn't say he is being straight because he makes sure to be elusive with what SC is, only alluding to other games as a "kind of like those games" example and always refuses to pin things down. This lets the rest of the marketing team continue to run with the alpha/pre-alpha/early days shite.

  8. Does it take two minutes of walking through function less rooms to get to the cockpit in elite? That's what I thought, checkmate.

  9. Considering how much time they spend imagining what SC will be, I'm sure they can spare some of that imagination for walking through some functionless rooms :)

  10. There's a huge difference between GW2's and WoW'2 cash shop.

  11. I'm not a fan of GW2's cash shop but the huge difference is because one game is F2P/B2P and the other is subscription based, I know you can earn gold and buy tokens but I would imagine the vast majority are paying for a sub.

  12. Again, though, the "cash shop cosmetics" in WoW are so few, compared to GW2, and there's nothing affecting the game itself that is not available in GW2, too.

  13. She doesn't use her oven and stays in bed all day so presumably doesn't use a lot of heating, yet is in 7-10 years worth of debt?

  14. "But Roberts, who is also brother to CEO and famed game designer Chris Roberts, says there are plans to hit the Beta stage."

  15. We managed to reach (minimum viable) beta in the same time it took Duke Nukem Forever to release!! Go us!

  16. It's the real metaverse, it's the multiverse, it's everything to all men!

  17. It's crazy that is even a thing, how have we got to such a state where food banks are in every village, town and city?

  18. Ian Austin saying he is calling people out for their lies while he simultaneously lies about Corbyn...

  19. well apparently however much its raised by is nowhere near enough..

  20. Because the government keeps cutting how much they give councils.

  21. WTF. What kind of hellscape do we live in when the government is not there to help you with your broken washing machine?????!!!

  22. These are loans for people who are right on the poverty line who have no access to funds any other way. Banks won't give a loan to an unemployed person, perhaps they don't have other people they can borrow from.

  23. Did he ever have an actual real job outside of flipping burgers somewhere ?

  24. That chart showing deliverables and patches absolutely needs income plotted on it as well. Just to drive home how much things have fallen off despite income and staff increases.

  25. yeah the base price but royal has been is on sale almost every month this year for 20 and they get the base one for free with plus

  26. Well, take the EU's GDPR. Many US businesses have no presence in the EU but still catered to the GDPR requirements because they were serving EU citizens. Businesses that couldn't set up GDPR compliancy used IP blocks for EU addresses to avoid falling foul and having to pay a fine etc.

  27. A war at the edge of europe is definitely the reason for every price rise, dont look behind that curtain.

  28. Collies are fast. But greyhounds are in a different class.

  29. It's crazy how fast Greyhounds are over short distances but then you have Salukis, which can maintain the same speed over long distances.

  30. The only way to get an official uninstall option is to purchase it from CIG's store.

  31. What is this 'Best in Show' bullshit? What the hell is that about? Are they taking MMO parlance and using it for their ship showroom simulator.

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