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  1. Grand Day for breakfast and I’ll die on that hill

  2. Dk diner is good and deserves recognition, but for breakfast I will choose grand day ten times out of ten.

  3. If you have a drill you can buy the brush to do it yourself online. I paid a company several years ago to clean mine and that’s literally all they did. It’s super easy and the brush is very inexpensive compared to paying a company.

  4. the issue is the lie. she knows she bought them from Kroger an hour before our arrival. It's not her professionalism you're reading into, it's her acting dumb.

  5. A picture of two brownies that look similar don’t justify trying to destroy a small business owners life in my opinion. But to each their own, I will carry on with my life trying to help people and you can continue….whatever this is

  6. her life? that's dramatic. her sales? sure. And no, Not similar. They're identical. Not even a copycat recipe would turn out that exact dude.

  7. Again, two pictures that mean absolutely nothing. I’m done with this conversation, I just hope you can find some positivity in life

  8. Short north resident here: this is absolute bullshit.

  9. How does the FOP have anything to do with this? Genuinely curious.

  10. The City of Columbus is (at least theoretically) in charge of determining how CPD police the city. The City and the FOP negotiate the terms of this contract in an absurdly secretive, convoluted, off-year process that somehow consistently fails to change anything meaningful in terms of how the police operate. The City is a willing participant in tying their own hands when it comes to any productive changes in policing.

  11. So that’s the take you are going with? The City which is very progressive in criminal justice by Ohio standards. The same city that lets criminals out of jail with no bond or extremely low bond (recent story on murderer with 5k bond). The city that makes the laws (other than Ohio revised code). That city and its elected officials are not to blame for the rise in crime in Columbus and we can place 100% of the blame on the police union? That math isn’t adding up to me. Maybe a small percentage of the problem is coming from that but I think your hate for the police is making you blind to what is actually happening here.

  12. Not only that, but some people started a gofund me to recoup his expenses and you know what he did? He gave all the money to her LOL.

  13. He’s like a modern day Forrest Gump

  14. Im asking you the same thing, not-so-hidden tiktok employee

  15. I recently did a stack of rad and ostarine. Was absolute shit so I cut out the ostarine and doubled up the dose for the rad and had great results. Point being don’t under estimate just 1 sarm at a time.

  16. Could even just take dead criminals and not have to pay or feel bad

  17. They still have rights, as do their families.

  18. This is the worst possible take on this video. It’s like you are upset that nothing worse happened to so that you could justify your narrative.

  19. During changing of the guard on September 12, Queen Elizabeth ordered the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. The first time in hundreds of years they broke tradition for an event that happened to us. We owe her the respect of lowering our flags for her death.

  20. You need a doctor to order a lab test for you. I don’t know what you mean by “test levels.”

  21. You actually don’t need an order from a doctor, there are a lot of tests you can simply go online and pay for. Also, don’t know if you are just being condescending but “test” is testosterone, a very important hormone for mens health.

  22. It’s the gas burning off at the landfill

  23. Never said anything about the police…is that what we are talking about? Pretty sure it’s not you just can’t accept the fact that not everyone thinks like you. Keep proving me right with your wonderful tolerance

  24. I don’t think that dose is going to do a lot as far as gains but it’s definitely much smarter than what a lot of people here do. Find what works and move up from there if you desire.

  25. OJ got away with murder. Just because it wasn’t proven in the criminal system, doesn’t mean we don’t know what we know.

  26. So what did Watson do that was criminal? Again, I think he is disgusting and will never be a fan of his but everything that’s come out has shown there is no crime. I trust the two grand juries more than I do an internet comment. Immoral does not equal illegal in some cases.

  27. Why do you think only 7% of sexual assault cases end up in a criminal charge?

  28. I’m going to state it one more time then I’m out of this conversation. Watson is a giant piece of shit and a predator, but with that many victims coming forward and no criminal charges I’m still trusting our legal system more than a person I don’t know on the internet.

  29. Negative: Ohio- come for the teen pregnancy, stay for the Columbus Republican Circus! Positive: Welcome to Ohio, where Jesus and Misny took the Wheel and Made Them Pay!

  30. Columbus Republican Circus? Am I out of touch because Columbus is very blue.

  31. Watch the video, based on your responses here you clearly haven’t watched it yet.

  32. Good thing there is nothing to be accountable for on this one.

  33. The cops knew so far ahead of time that they were going to “execute” this guy that they aired over the radio “shots fired” minutes before?

  34. Someone clearly didn’t watch the body cam footage.

  35. What are those pipes? I really like them, and the whole bike.

  36. Why not consider Indian instead? They are still being made by Polaris and more Victory than HD.

  37. The only Indians I Like aesthetically are the chieftain dark horse, and they are pricey. I’m cheap and don’t buy anything new so once the market drops a little I would consider.

  38. I own a 2013 Judge and absolutely love it. The only issue I have that makes me want to consider a Harley in the future is buying aftermarket parts.

  39. Amazing I keep hearing on the news the CPD is supposedly “cracking down” on illegal vehicles on Columbus streets like dirt bikes and ATVs because it’s a “nuisance,” and yet they’ll sit there and say there’s nothing they can do about this?? It’s a fucking joke. I think the news would pick up this story.

  40. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and there are hundreds if not more people complaining about the ATVs and one person about this house.

  41. That article didn’t refer to anything as wide spread as rising minimum wage. It only referred to union contracts and new markets.

  42. Uh, it specifically talks about unions in reference to their ability to raise wages. This is your argument, right? That increased wages lead to increased prices and inflation?

  43. Unions raising wages is a significantly smaller scale than a state wide mandate.

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