AITA for being a picky eater at Friendsgiving?

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  1. You can only monitor them for so many hours of the day.

  2. True, but you can keep young kids off social media in the home by not allowing them unsupervised access to a smartphone or tablet.

  3. You're right. It's such an obvious anti-woman scam it's sad to see so many women support it. Truly women's spaces are always being shut down or systematically co-opted by men, it's sad. Humanity could be great but for the dark tetrad types and women who support them.

  4. Oh please, you need a serious reality check about how they treat men like absolute garbage over there, over women. Do you not realize how this world already gives them pretty much everything they want with all the support in the world and a whole MONTH of Awareness? While guys get laughed and mocked at if they are suicidal and almost never get taken seriously? Now a real supportive person would advocate for BOTH men’s rights and women’s rights too. I’m all for women’s rights but when men get absolutely trashed when they speak up, and women scream “equality” while being extremely hypocritical and acting like they have absolutely no rights of their own, then that needs to stop.

  5. That sub proves why there will be no reconciliation with the American left. They are so utterly hateful and demonic.

  6. As an outsider, it’s honestly unbelievable to see how radical and unhinged the American left is.

  7. "Who the fuck knows what Cruz did to her after she came out. Knowing how anti LGBTQ he is, I'm genuinely worried for her."

  8. Bear in mind that she was only 13 years old when perverts on Tik Tok and far-left media outlets began spreading rumours about her sexual orientation.

  9. People who refer to others by their genitals (“penis haver”, “vagina haver”, etc) are almost always predators themselves. It’s not normal to fixate on genitalia.

  10. People who refer to others by their genitals (“penis haver”, “vagina haver”, etc) are almost always predators themselves. It’s not normal to fixate on genitalia.

  11. For you to say, without a hint of sarcasm, that the Vatican is reliable at anything other than a multi-millennial history of atrocities, cover-ups, and lies tells me that you’re either a troll or so entwined in your cult that nothing will ever cause you to think about it critically, much less outright change your mind. Either way I digress.

  12. Name one institution, religious or otherwise, with a spotless record.

  13. Also..MANY people don’t have jobs that directly relate to their degrees.

  14. This is because many degrees offered nowadays are worthless and have zero career prospects.

  15. Acrylics will damage the nails if they’re applied regularly and/or not removed properly.

  16. Either that, or they have been brainwashed to believe that people will cheat if given the slightest chance. There is a lot of this gender boundary in conservative cultures, including the conservative West. Most of the time I hear it phrased as if all men are horndogs who will cheat if unsatisfied, but the specific wording of the trope varies.

  17. Yeah, no. This isn’t a “conservative thing”.

  18. I don’t mean to scare you, but there’s an entire world outside of the USA.

  19. Humans are only native to a small region in Africa. This is our only “homeland” as a species.

  20. YTA. Did it ever occur to you that the reason this girl and your daughter “clicked” as friends is that they’re both socially awkward?

  21. Social awkwardness is not the same as being rude.

  22. the only issue is they're saying time to move on!! holy fuck. it's not great but not breakup worthy. it seems like this sub might be worse than

  23. This sub definitely has a hive-mind mentality when it comes to certain topics.

  24. in other words - its very left? and maybe unreasonably feministy.

  25. Very much so, except I wouldn’t call it “feminist”, because they’ll happily throw women under the bus for any of the groups that are fiercely protected by the left.

  26. Must be nice to have never endured any hardship or suffering.

  27. You’re making an awful lot of assumptions about people from English-speaking countries, all of which are, very ironically, prejudiced and racist.

  28. Oh yeah pedophilia is a problem across cultures and time. 24 year old gma is just as bad. I don't know if that's what OP was implying? Maybe? Fuck any aspects of cultures that promote and condone abuse and the dehumanizing of other people. A lot of it is usually to do with religions.

  29. True religion is what protects against the things you mentioned. It’s also what has allowed for humanity to prosper and thrive.

  30. Atheists really do come up with the most ridiculous, incorrect ideas surrounding religion.

  31. Not only this, but Octavia? The name will ensure relentless bullying by her peers. It’s not even old fashioned, it’s ancient. Her classmates certainly WONT have similar names.

  32. Couldn’t agree with you more, it’s sad and desperate. I understand every parent wants their child to be special and stand out, but the reality is that most kids are only “special” from their parents perspective. The rest of us don’t really care.

  33. You clearly have a specific group of people in mind about "the worst" body odor and yet you get defensive when I say that genetically, most white people (again, I am a white people) have body odor? You're bringing a third group into this which neither of us presumably belong to because for some reason you feel a need to say "but someone else is WORSE!"? I'm not even sure who you're talking about.

  34. You said that you’re Asian and white, not just white.

  35. OK. I'm white & stinky though. Weird vibes from this comment

  36. What’s “weird” is that you’re attributing your own hygiene issues to being part white. That’s racist.

  37. She probably meant a barbie with her hair color, skin tone, eye color, style. Not a fat Barbie.

  38. Some are, but the bigger ones would definitely be overweight if the proportions were adjusted to real humans.

  39. NTA. I’m very sorry, but clearly your parents (or at least your mom) are uncomfortable with your Korean identify. That’s why they didn’t teach you about your culture growing up. But if your kid has a traditional Korean name, then your family’s identity, your “differentness,” can’t be so easily glossed over. And that makes mom uncomfortable. Stand your ground. You have the right to give your child a name that is meaningful to you and your partner.

  40. Accusing OP’s adoptive mother of being “uncomfortable” with OP being Korean is jumping the gun.

  41. I don’t think OP’s parents ignored her birth culture out of malice, or even conscious bias. I’m sure they thought they were doing what was best. But the damage was still done. Not all racism is discrimination, harassment, and violence. Sometimes racism comes in the form of erasing other cultures. What white Europeans/Americans did to Indigenous Americans is a prime example. Forcibly sending children to boarding schools and adopting children from other races and places with a race-blind and ethnicity-blind approach are examples of a white savior complex. By definition, White Saviors think they are doing the right thing.

  42. The so-called “white saviour complex” exists in every racial and ethnic group.

  43. Ashley Biden was uncomfortable and clearly scarred by these “showers”.

  44. The clowns are the far-left Americans who routinely bring up Nazism, showcasing their embarrassing lack of knowledge regarding history in the process.

  45. The other user said he should “not be allowed” on public platforms. That’s calling for censorship.

  46. This is Reddit, parentification is the standard go to war cry of any kid with younger siblings. Heaven help the parents if then even so much as ask OP to change a diaper.

  47. Exactly. It’s so annoying to see such a serious term be thrown around.

  48. it's giving the caucasity to think that their suburban midwestern dry asf unseasoned turkey, gloopy mashed potatoes, and jellied cranberry slop still in the shape of the can is the only experience of Thanksgiving in the US and any foods outside of that yt experience are "foreign" and "scary"

  49. This isn’t about race. The food is likely very traditional to other cultures (i.e. not the westernised version), and therefore something OP has never tried before.

  50. How apt of you, a person who wasn't there and doesn't know OP, to decide it isn't about race! I'm so relieved you have decided that. Please tell me more about your knowledge of blood drinking tribes from the country Africa!! /s

  51. Based on what OP told us, it isn’t about race.

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