1. Lmao, when I first saw this I thought it was a conspiracy theory graph about fake ballots matching the beat of a song.

  2. Tall fescue would work great since the roots can get 4-6 inches deep.

  3. Arguably the three most fake events in history. Elon is obviously a government asset…imo…

  4. There was grass here, but the amogus’s power killed it and turned the soil into suspicious sand

  5. No shit, why would any logical planner not choose to buy the expensive neighborhoods. It the only sensible choice to buy out the cheapest properties, which happened to be low income.

  6. Aren’t there a lot of positives to this? Surely this isn’t as horrible as it looks

  7. Kill everything with roundup, put down lawn soil. And seed or sod in the spring (it’s too cold right now) that’s what I did here in El Paso when I just had sand and weeds, and I now have a pretty decent lawn. It only cost a couple hundred dollars for my yard.

  8. I’m ready to chain myself to the highway and halt this mofo

  9. Unfortunately in the UK the male indecency laws apply to the penis only, so testicles are apparently acceptable.

  10. *Fortunately. I can’t wait to walk around London with my balls swinging about while drinking my boh oh o wo’er

  11. I have an ongoing theory that as we enter 2nd and 3rd generation Mexicans that we’re going to see a much stronger Republican pool than how first gens are democrats. As generational wealth builds in immigrant families, the human tends to leave. It happened to the Italians, the Irish, the India Indians, the Asians, it’s a cycle.

  12. “The human tends to leave” just because they leave your party?

  13. Word. This is 100% El Paso. One scam on top of another scam. These are my childhood memories. El Paso never change!

  14. I'll always remember my grandpa slipping the inspector guy at a shop somewhere in central a $20 bill to pass a shitbox 90s f150 without a working horn, front blinker, or third brake light. A very El Paso moment indeed.

  15. An older kid showed me this when I was 6, it scarred me and I hated it. My first experience of cartoons being disturbing.

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