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  1. Great job rescuing. Check out lots of resources to help.

  2. Automod should hop in soon with direct links, but this sub's sidebar has tons of amazing resources, and everyone here is always happy to answer specific questions, including me!

  3. How many veggies to do you feed a day? I don’t measure it out but I have been feeding a bowl a night of romaine, cilantro and parsley. Just started giving him some pellets in a treat ball. I do it for my cats with their food for enrichment. Also, is it ok for a cat and rabbit to drink out of the same water? My cats constantly want to drink from his bowl and when he’s out roaming he drinks from their water fountain.

  4. I also got one from Amazon called PetSafe cozy folding dog stairs. My 14 year old chonk took maybe a day to adjust to them. Put treats on every step to encourage him to go up them.

  5. I never heard or saw anything explaining why, other than speculating it may have been him checking out potential places for the hide and seek game. I'm not entirely sure but I think they did search other dumpsters at the complex.

  6. A year ago the cadaver dog smelled human remains at the lake the first time it was searched. Link to the article, first paragraph

  7. What is the name of the reddish plant in front? Beautiful coloring!

  8. Its my baby charlies 12th day today!! Birthday brothers 💛💛💛 happy birthday tiger <3

  9. Guy at my local fish store told me to always buy the ones that are moving

  10. Jonas but he’s also called JonASS, Jay Jay, Yay Yay, Joney Baloney, Jo mamma, Jo Jo

  11. Sorry about your snail. They live short lives, so it may simply be old age. Here is a resource I found you can try:

  12. Benco dental was able to expedite a chair in a week. Maybe try them.

  13. Did you drastically change the amount of light it’s getting? It may have burned.

  14. Yes. I changed from a dim room to a well lit room. Anything I can do to treat it?

  15. I would just cut back the damaged part and monitor the rest. If you want to keep him somewhere sunny, you can gradually introduce him to that by slowly moving the plant to somewhere shady, wait several days, then move somewhere where it can get sun for a limited time, wait, and so on.

  16. Not a vet- but My almost 13 year old orange tabby has always thrown up after eating since I got him when he was 3. I use slow feeder bowls ( which help slow down how fast he eats) as well as elevated bowls ( which help aid in his posture while he eats which helps in digestion. ) I have found that when he eats so fast it causes the food to expand quickly in his belly which causes him to vomit. Hope this helps!

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