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  1. Anything from my previous post interest you? The zygarde and poipole are gone from it.

  2. What shinies do you have? Do you have any of the alphas I need?

  3. My favorite shiny is Celebi, honestly: it's an incredibly simple shiny but the color is so good on celebi. I was probably one of the few people not sick of shiny celebi codes when they were coming out!

  4. Warning, they changed how you get the quest unlocked. Now, you need to both 1) finish the previous mythical quests and 2) reach level 35. Luckily when it came time for me to need my victini, I was level 33 (about to be 34) so it wasn't that long of a grind. I hope you're close already too!

  5. What will u trade for my legendarys tho Zapdos and azelf for 2 shinys each?

  6. Nobody will trade you multiple shinies for one basic legendary. Other than enamorus, they're easy to get and a dime a dozen.

  7. No probs, man. Finished my Dex two weeks ago using this method. I also dislike the GTS trolls asking for low level third evo Pokemon, but I kept my chin up and find trades that I can get. Just to be clear, Furfrous may get you some rare or Legendary pokemon, but unless you have a 3ds and a copy of X/Y to change the fur type, it'll be harder to look for Pokemon you really want with the likes of Calyrex or Ultra Beasts.

  8. The fur trims are not able to go to bank, then home, from x or Y. They revert back to normal. The reason the fur trims are desired on the gts is because the only way to have them in home is through Pokémon go, and the trims are region-based, meaning for example the Pharaoh trim can only be obtained in Egypt and some surrounding areas. This is why people desire the specific trims. Regular furfrou is not desired--the only reason you may get lucky is if someone forgot to set the trim when placing the trade.

  9. And here I thought people could just do a trade like a Shiny Lunala for a Pharoah Trim at Lvl 80. Like hell anyone can do that on the regular.

  10. Nope, sadly those trades are trolls showing off shinies lol

  11. So if I send all my Go marked mons to SwSh and put them back, the mark at the corner of the Pokémon in the box will go away?

  12. No, everyone is mixing up terms here. That GO symbol won't go away, unless you transferred from GO to Let's Go, then home. Then it goes away. They're all talking the GO stamp, which is what you see in pokemon home mobile, on the top RIGHT of a Pokémon summary, not the switch version. You're talking about the symbol when in boxes on switch, which is truthfully an eye sore.

  13. If you need a Marshadow, though, I'd love to at least grab the Darumaka.

  14. It's not letting me trade the volcanion. I recieved it in a trade though, so, I don't know why it won't work now 🤷 sorry about the mixup!

  15. I also have more shinies since I've posted this last, let me know if there's something you need.

  16. I would trade you volcanion for shiny Chikorita and shiny minun?

  17. Where are fomantis and conkledurr from? And are the regidrago and eleki shiny?

  18. What can I offer to also get the manaphy and Phoeni?

  19. Considering you aren't showing me photos of the shiny deoxys and I'm fairly certain they are hacked (the event can't be shiny) I think I'll have to pass! Thanks anyway! :)

  20. Any chance you'd be interested in a heart trim furfrou?

  21. Absolutely just let me know when you're ready!

  22. there are multiples. Articuno Zapdos and Moltres. and also there is galarian hisuian sneasel in 7km eggs

  23. I vastly prefer tetralogy, just sounds so much cooler

  24. I've used the app quite a few times today for trades and over half the time it freezes when it loads into the home page. Like, seriously, I haven't even done anything worth freezing over yet.

  25. It’s really not that hard. And some of us like the organizing. I personally find it soothing. Life is chaos, but my HOME boxes are pristine.

  26. I've found another one! I just said in the Home subreddit the other day I feel like I'm the only one who loves organizing my Pokémon in home. Everyone always wants auto sorting but I love moving everything around!

  27. I do still have one left, but I'm less likely to trade this one. What do you want for it?

  28. If you throw poipole in I’ll give you an enamorous

  29. I don't have that poipole anymore, but, I wouldn't trade those two for enamorus anyway! Good luck

  30. Anyone have a sweet apple? I can trade a tart apple!

  31. Ah, thank you, but someone just helped me out!

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