1. Do you access the game on multiple windows accounts?

  2. Then I'm sorry, but then I don't know. You can in fact have the game downloaded on multiple devices. You just can't be logged into the same ea account as another user, so I don't know what the problem may be. You could always ask on the EA HQ forum, maybe their experts have a better idea?

  3. That’s okay. Maybe I’ll just reinstall it, never mind. Thanks for your help though

  4. Wait what happened then ? They were a couple and they changed back to friends ?

  5. Maybe they are saying to the baby “look at the pretty horses!”

  6. I like them, though I think they should all be music related. The guitar fret one is clearly the best one.

  7. I agree, these plants and skies etc are not related to the game at all

  8. Him - I have an important question for you. Her - thinks about a salad

  9. That’s literally the point. Naming it after his own name would be unoriginal, while Windows is a pun

  10. Oh man, so much, im terrible at it. I also get super frustraited with the football table game occasionally. Some of them just seem like they've been rigged sometimes.

  11. Of course, the girl who cheated on my friend twice will never be right

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