1. Tier 1 champion is only 8 wins? Bruh this game is so easy now. Farming gems is gonna be a breeze

  2. Bro i never got past tier 9 wtf!! How is it easy? Idk if it’s because my whole team is rated 90 or less but it’s definitely not easy, to me at least

  3. Yup yup, I like to avoid it unless I dont have any important matches coming and can make some players rest

  4. No, because if you get a red you’re down to 10 men. What I meant is, If I don’t have any big matches coming up in like 5 days and I would like some of my strong players to rest anyways before the big match in 5 days, then there is no harm in going reckless and having an injury or red card

  5. Bruh💀you wouldn’t imagine how many better teams there are. 2 of the 4 teams I was managing last month were stronger than yours

  6. What are the line tactics and the tackling style... offside trap yes or no....where should the style and tempo be etc...who should support who

  7. Tackling always refer to your referee, if it’s red and angry then have it at careful tackling. Offside trap, never. Unless you are playing three defenders in the back. Since you have better players have your team a little more offensive than defensive

  8. Hope you’ve survived but you uh probably didn’t….?

  9. I’m new to Reddit, why is everyone believing this story? I’m sorry but it’s clearly fictional so what’s the drill here. Just wanna know really :)

  10. Lmao just last night I finished everything possible with 4 teams, won the winners cup in 3 of them. I think i will take rest, this game became like a duty where everyday I’m worried if trained my players or prepared for matches lol. I’m done

  11. i dont suggest you do it. I started AS start of this year and did really good on my mocks but after i started working more i just felt so much more stressed out and my grades dropped tremendously. its just so stressing

  12. Exactly. I began my AS course while working 3 - 4 days a week. Initially I thought I would do all fine but as It kept going, I found myself way behind my classmates since I had no time to revise what I’ve learnt. As time went by, I had so many things that I need to cover which got me stressed and unable to get them done, as it seemed impossible to me.

  13. He isn’t getting a chance, how is he supposed to step up and perform? I don’t think it’s about how good he is at this point, it’s something to do with Perez and Ancelotti

  14. Asensio was different before his ACL injury but he wasnt on the level of a “golden boy”. He would ocassionally score screamers and that would be pretty much it.

  15. Bro what are you on about. He used to carry the team sometimes, yes he had screamers but he was scoring occasionally and performing too. I remember him being quoted as “the future Raul or CR7”. It’s a shame he isn’t the same anymore

  16. Benzema for his performance(s) in the Champions League.

  17. My advice for you is to first note down how much you actually do it in a day and gradually try to keep it less. If it was 5, try to maintain 3 - 4 times until you are slowly used to doing it way less than before. Then you can start a streak like most of us, cuz im 95% sure it's impossible to go on a streak of even 1 week after the state you've been in. So take it slow brother, you can do it and it's never too late. And dont forget to keep urself busy by developing efficient habits.

  18. Ask Joe to prepare The Ligma and don't forget an updog

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