2. Hey man I'm new to this specific sub. What is tsm. See it mentioned alot can't find an explanation.

  3. Dhgate doesn't ship to Ireland. Dhgate is just the platform. You are buying from virtual stores that are located all over China, some of which may be locked down with Covid. So there is no correct answer to your question. Many stores will not ship to Ireland due to customs issues so if you do find a store that ships to Ireland you can ask them in a message about delivery estimates.

  4. You need to chat with a customer service agent via the app or desktop.

  5. Not much you can do. Buyer protection doesn't cover for customs seizures. Best bet is to wait till the estimated delivery date to pass for the option to dispute for non delivery and hope that the tracking has no mention of a custions seizure.

  6. You only get one shot at a dispute so don't close it. Just escalate the dispute to DHgate mediation and wait.

  7. Not recommended at all. The list of potential issues and scenarios is long.

  8. I've gp'd. I'll upload pics when they hit the warehouse.

  9. Estimated delivery date is your buyer protection time and is not related to actual delivery times.

  10. Ask a customer service agent to open the dispute for you.

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