1. It’s 100% religion bad, therefore Chris Pratt bad.

  2. Yeah turns out associating with a group who's currently destroying our political system, oppressing minorities, and imposing their religion on the entire nation tends to be a bad look for a public figure.

  3. I'm not sure which of those simple facts you think is a bad take, but you're welcome to your opinion lol.

  4. Seriously. Tom's an abusive, passive aggressive, power hungry corporate yes man piece of shit. He's only the most decent of the bunch because the others manage to find ways to be even more completely reprehensible than him.

  5. Tell me exactly which part of calmly voicing their apathy toward a tone deaf corporate product you think is hateful.

  6. Who doesnt???? I unbuckle and drop pants and undies all the way to ankles. Pull front of shirt up over my head to hold the tail out of the way. The do a superman, fists on hips pose to piss. I do scan the room slowly as I do it.

  7. Sometimes I put a foot on the urinal and piss like Captain Morgan

  8. not trying to body shame or anything but wouldn't that be really hard to do considering how little calories there are in veggies

  9. Nah plenty of vegan pizza, cookies, ice cream, etc. these days.

  10. They have brunch. Holy cow. I’m going to have to make plans.

  11. Make sure to try the biscuits and chorizo gravy. Great twist on a classic; their cheesy biscuits are god tier.

  12. The new businesses that have gone in are so boring they might as well be parking lots.

  13. The character of the area had little to do with the actual physical buildings….

  14. Seriously, OP's a fucking moron if they think these photos mean anything.

  15. Related: Does anyone have a rough estimate of how late Comfest goes? I assume that park rules (dusk) are somewhat ignored for it but wanted to know if we know for sure.

  16. Closing times are listed in the program guide toward the back. It's 11pm tonight, 10pm tomorrow, and 8pm Sunday. Last call for alcohol will be about a half hour before those times.

  17. Tried signing up weeks ago and no one got back to me. This year seems to be a bit of a shit show compared to previous years with the loss of one of the most popular stages, beer not being poured into mugs but having to buy it and pour it ourselves (seems like extra waste) and the loss of the bike corral. Not sure what's going on but my faith in the organizers has been diminished.

  18. I believe I was mistaken about the bike corral so I do apologize about that.

  19. Actually after going over the program again, it looks like you were right that the bike corral is gone.

  20. I would bet they all have special packages that involve admission and you can't just show-up.

  21. If you had bothered to actually look instead of assuming, you would have found that only one of those bars (Brewdog Franklinton) is doing a ticketed event for Boom.

  22. People consider Swedish band The Cardigans to be Britpop?

  23. Well, yes and no. They made a lot of other stuff too, but in the early 90s they were very active and influential in the UK scene. They helped create the Britpop sound as we know it today. Check out songs like Rise & Shine to see what I mean.

  24. Hell yea, I just wasn't sure if Blur was immediately popular or not like right out the gate. Side story, I remember the dad of one of my exes having Leisure on CD and having no other Blur music, thought it was strange.

  25. Yeah they were pretty hyped leading up to Leisure. They'd been making a name for themselves for a few years at that point, and had just toured the UK opening up for The Cramps the year before.

  26. I just checked out that link, and I got suggested another article about evil adult coloring books. That site HAS to be satire

  27. Having grown up in close proximity to Christian fundamentalist wackjobs, I can assure you they really truly believe that bullshit. When I was a kid I had adults tell me that everything from hacky sacks to Power Rangers were satanic.

  28. The seeded bread was meh and a little on the hard side

  29. Yeah that bread is seriously a deal breaker for me. Putting aside how generally mediocre it is, I will never understand what they're thinking going to the trouble of making an authentic philly with ribeye and house made wiz but then not using an amaroso roll. Just bafflingly stupid.

  30. Still no jambalaya? Guess Popeyes remains dead to me.

  31. He comes across as a low self esteem dick in the article.

  32. Seriously. He vilifies an actress for simply saying "I Saw your movie, you deserve the nom." How in the world does he think that's a sane, let alone proper, response to someone expressing their support and approval? Was she supposed to fall to her knees and worship the ground he walks on? What a fucking douchebag.

  33. People hated on him for going to GS, he leaves to try and win without them and people hate on him lol

  34. He didn't leave to try to win without them. He left because he was butthurt that people on the team weren't all buddy-buddy with him. And he hasn't exactly done anything noteworthy since then to quiet his haters, despite forming another superteam.

  35. Right? If a “fancy” fast food restaurant offered this, it would be considered premium food. Almost all breakfast establishments, whether locally owned diners or global chains, offer some variation of this sandwich.

  36. And every single one of those other restaurants will do a far better job of making it.

  37. That was the point I stopped. It’s like I found the writing philosophy offensive or something. A cliffhanger where the thing you’re waiting for to happen doesn’t happen? Just to make people show up for next season? It’s like, give your audience some credit. The season finale of Severance, that’s how you do it.

  38. Same here. I remember being viscerally angry at that cliffhanger. The moment the episode ended I said out loud "Oh well FUCK YOU TOO then" and just knew I'd never watch again. And sure enough, anything even related to the Walking Dead remains a hard pass for me years later.

  39. I always meant to watch Hell on Wheels which I believe is AMC ? Anyone care to recommend it?

  40. Highly recommend it. Overarching plotlines get a little repetitive toward the end, sometimes feels like they're just going in circles. But damn is it a unique and fun ride. Plus Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon is one of the all-time great casting jobs in TV history imo.

  41. Ravello has always puzzled me because it ranges from light brown to med-dark brown. Is it because Horween has changed dyes (i.e. Bourbon -> Armagnac, Whiskey -> Bourbon) or is it the inconsistent hand staining between pairs?

  42. Super late to the party here, but Horween changed the dye. You'll sometimes see older pairs for sale with "OG Ravello" or similar in the description. The new version is generally considered to be less desirable.

  43. Lol this is not rich person stuff. You want to see rich, head over to

  44. Is it safe to order from them? Good costumer service?

  45. They're definitely safe, but I wouldn't call their CS good at all. They're extremely slow both in shipping and responses to support emails. I don't order from them if I have another option as a result.

  46. Just got it and I've been using it for less than 24 hours. Luckily the store I bought from are willing to exchange it. Any thoughts? Does anyone with sparks have this issue?

  47. Can't speak to the sparks but paint chipping is a known and common issue with a lot of Moondrop's IEMs. At this point I'd just anticipate all of their stuff looking like shit within a couple months of use. Tradeoff for the low prices, I guess.

  48. Not excusing her behavior but when your father goes away on drug charges for a long time, that can fuck up a kid real bad. It messed with her so bad that she never visited him behind bars.

  49. What the fuck are you talking about? Her dad is Eric Roberts. He was in jail for less than two days. And that was years before she was even born.

  50. In the current job market that's a huge problem. Hope they like mass resignations. And good fucking luck getting anybody competent to take a job there going forward.

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