1. Pet sematery absolutely freaked me out hard when i was a kid. Raaaachelll!

  2. i saw that when i was 8. i could never stand next to a bed or stairs that were open underneath for fear of having my Achilles’ tendon being sliced by a blade. i jumped onto beds until i was 12

  3. If you recall it also takes him a few tries to light the zippo. Could have just been an oversight but knowing Taratino he did it on purpose to show how tense White was.

  4. yeah, i always figured that it was the lighter, and that he was just so in the moment of talking about what just happened, that he just loops back to actually lighting it once he’s finished saying what he had to and can relax and enjoy the drag

  5. I would also go with his portrayal of Rocky Balboa.

  6. and the dog makes an appearance in the first Rocky “Hey Butkus!”

  7. we “technically” already received a sequel to Léon, in the form of Colombiana. It was also written by Luc Besson and has the same premise: “A young girl witnessed her parents’ murder and grows up to be a stone-cold assassin.”

  8. You can enjoy it because it’s a solid movie, but i would definitely recommend watching the previous ones first. there’s something in this movie that will spoil the first movie heavily if you watch 2022 first. it is all connected and full of meta commentary that you can enjoy by watching them in chronological order.

  9. oh man, i have 5 trailers that i will constantly watch throughout a year because the music choices capture the pure essence of the movie for me that i don’t necessarily have to watch the movie. it’s like watching a cliff notes version of the movie:

  10. Nuke it from orbit. it’s the only way to be sure.

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