1. Pretty sure that is a bot account, based on their comment history.

  2. Yeah he’s def a bot or a guy trying to scalp the tickets

  3. I was just thinking some violin or orchestra stuff would be cool! I’ll see what Ableton has to offer

  4. Nice song man, "making faces" is such a great lyrical bit in there that should be the title of the song if its not already.

  5. How does it looks like now? Ive the same scar and I’m afraid that it doesn’t change :(

  6. It ended up being a blood vessel flared up, the dermatologist just cut it out. It looks pretty much the same shape now but it’s all white because I keep sunscreen on there all the time lol

  7. It’s typical power tripping people who have on thing in their life where they have power. So they’re just looking for any reason to escalate a situation

  8. Well the psp is a small device. My phone is bigger than my Vita which is bigger than the psp. But the Steam Deck is an actual handheld PC. Here is a picture of the switch sitting on top and Valve managed to make the thumbstick pretty much the same distance even though their device is much bigger.

  9. Is the steam deck good? I always see ads for it but have never tried

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