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  1. I am wondering... What is the reason for taking it off the list?

  2. Habe mal gelesen, dass man nur mit GME abstimmen kann. Wie dem auch sei. Nimm dein Handy in die Hand. Ruf beim CD Kundenservice an. Sag denen du möchtest an der Abstimmung teilnehmen. Lass dich durchstellen an die Abteilung die für die Depots verantwortlich ist. Lass dir die Wahlkarte von denen in deine inbox schicken. Ausdrucken, unterschreiben und ankreuzen, Einscannen und per Mail zurück. War bei mir ne Sache von 20 min

  3. Ist deine Wahlkarte auch auf "Adam Sample" ausgestellt?

  4. He was trying to warn you about that axe swinging maniac behind you.

  5. Yea if the board agrees to sell on his terms, shareholders would get $54.20 per share

  6. What will happen do my Jan23 65c's? will they be worthless?

  7. Bei mir lädt immer nur eine weiße Seite auf der ein tab zu erahnen ist. Die regional settings helfen nicht. Seit September besteht das Problem in allen Browsern...

  8. Try using your phone, i managed to put a buy order today. However, my web browser didnt work at all couldnt log in

  9. The app is a bit more responsive than the website for me. But other than portfolio and orders nothing loads.

  10. Samen here. Wanted to transfer funds to ibkr and the section does not load the entire day... Transfer tab is gone as well

  11. Wind turbine with 5g antenna to provide Internet access. Connected with starlink so that they can be placed anywhere without having to be wired or connected to cell networks.

  12. I am also skeptical here. German ape but never heard of them before. Also, they are a market screening agency.. why are they referred to as a creditor everywhere?

  13. He could still make more money - when filing a whistleblower complaint...

  14. He's slowly becoming the trading sideways guy... You two get a room and then please go your separate ways! Wanna see some real action...

  15. I'm since many years at Consorsbank and I was very satisfied till now.

  16. Got the same response from Consors. They do not allow voting on US stocks.

  17. Consors does not allow me to vote. But they'll send a confirmation of my holdings on April 15th (9,95 Euro) via mail and I will contact GME.

  18. Had the same problem. It seems to be due to the updated android wear app - at least in my case. I was able to easily pair my watch with the 1.5x app once i downgraded. You can get it here and try it:

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