1. Ok yeah then just dont register for classes for spring. If you need something in the meantime like after winter grades are posted for proof youre done for a job app or something, you can get a "completion letter" from the registrar's office. Youll just need to note that youre filed but not in classes for spring so they dont put yours in the pile waiting for spring grades

  2. do you know if you are able to add classes after you file for graduation? I filed for winter some time back in November, but I might need to enroll in classes in spring due to job requirements.

  3. Youd need to cancel your grad app, but idk how to do that, maybe contact the registrar? Decide asap so you can get your spring pass time

  4. you can cancel it online, but i’m not sure if i’d automatically get my pass time or not. i’m planning to go to the l&s drop in advising on monday to clear it up. but let’s say I did cancel my winter grad, then instead chose to graduate spring. would I need to take classes in spring too, or can I just not take any classes and still graduate?(assuming I meet the requirements). In other words, is there a point in graduating early when I can just graduate spring and not take classes in spring?

  5. Check out reputation factions on Google for wotlk, grind the rep to get the tabards and farm the required rep either through zone quests or dungeons, and just que random dungeon finder till you can get into forge of souls, halls of reflection and pit of saron, you can also wait outside these as there’s new players trying to do normal to skip some of the gear score requirements, auctionhouse also has lots of bind on equip items you can buy which ties around into the quests, you’ll make a lot of gold blazing through all the zone quests around northrend.

  6. are zone quests just normal quests in a zone? and do these normal quests give you rep for the faction? I thought only dungeons contribute to reputation?

  7. If you're interested in what they teach at bootcamps, you can check out freeCodeCamp, 100devs, or The Odin Project.

  8. hi. Im a fourth year so internships are out of the question probably, and finding a part time is difficult but i’m in the process of it. i am, however, in a full stack project development school club, so hopefully by the end of the year i can have something nice to put in my resume. i actually have used odin for a bit and it is very useful! i’ve been practicing dsa for half a year now but still find myself choking in live interviews, so I definitely need to practice even more. I guess I’m just looking for things to make me the most well-rounded candidate by the time I graduate, which will be in a few months. thank you for the reply though!

  9. when I used to study for math tests, I came across a video that claims that speed is very important for mastery. so for example if I were to solve a calculus optimization problem, I would try to do it as quick as I can while getting it correct so that when i see it on a test I can confidently identify and complete it.

  10. no you are not. I got a question in an interview that I've done before, and completely forgot how to do it. I Looked at the solution and it took me like 10 mins to re-understand the question. I don't think I'll ever forget these questions that I've consciously recognized as one that I've forgotten.

  11. Some issues that immediately jumped out at me that hiring managers might also be noticing:

  12. for swe’s looking to make it into webdev, do you think that personal websites are a must? I personally feel like I don’t have enough live projects to make a personal website, since most of what i’ve done have been python scripts

  13. If you don't have a CS degree then I'd say portfolios are pretty vital to landing a job without prior experience. If you have lots of work experience and no degree, a portfolio is less necessary, its more to get your foot in the door. That is at least my experience.

  14. i will have a cs degree, but admittedly am lacking in the experience and project experience. it’s probably better to finish more projects first before I create a portfolio then, right? if I were to make a website I could only show a demo of one react frontend project, since my other projects are only local

  15. and sqlzoo for db and refactoring guru for oop.

  16. Sure you can deploy it on AWS/Firebase. You might as well make it a fullstack site while you're at it. Getting some familiarity with cloud services is great. They can be important for fullstack jobs, but fullstack typically is less common at entry level (even if the job is fullstack they often just mean frontend). This is because databases and authentication and things AWS/Firebase deal with usually are handled by separate teams at enterprise-level due to how critical they are.

  17. I hate cutting my own ideas short, but maybe for now I'll just use Vercel, since it's purely front-end and I'm running into some trouble using Firebase since I didn't create my app as a react app from the start. I probably would not get the same recognition for using Vercel as opposed to using AWS, right? I feel like saying "uploaded to vercel" on a project description is like the same as saying "pushed code onto github", or "uploaded picture on Instagram"

  18. Nothing wrong with being ambitious. But yeah, don't worry too much about AWS from the start. Entry level positions won't care how you deployed your site as long as it works. If you can manage to deploy a site and have it be functional, you'll be doing better than most tbh. The only real purpose of having it deployed is to be able to show it during interviews or actually using the site (eg. sharing with friends/community). And yes, in the webdev community, everyone knows what Vercel is. But no one will care that you used it, because for the most part either you won't be the one deploying things or the company will have its own build process that they'll teach you after you start.

  19. awesome, it’s my first time using vercel and it was super streamline just by importing my github repo. Thank you!

  20. so what’s the point of competitive programming then? I personally enjoy it, but all I feel that i’m gaining is critical thinking and problem solving skills, but only in the realm of dsa

  21. I understood competitive programming as anything dsa like leetcode ranking, but I’m also not sure how actual larger programming competitions are like.

  22. You listed some questions as "put a box in a box", "get data from this API", etc. As someone currently applying to fullstack positions, is it important to study these topics, or should I just be focusing on leetcode type DSA questions?

  23. hey man, the only real failure is when you stop trying. i've been rejected by what should have been the easiest interview, all because I was just not prepared. you fail you learn.

  24. like after college idk when I'll have another job that I dont give a f about and all my co workers are under 35

  25. I feel like there will be a time when i’m in the corporate world, missing some days of being in the food industry. just the humility, carelessness, and having fun with coworkers who also didn’t care

  26. usually in the front but if the class is too early or after lunch, i’d be almost asleep. so profs probably thought I was bm’ing them

  27. there is a very niche group of people that have almost exactly this same top 5. nice to see another one of us

  28. Warmane's Icecrown realm is exactly what you're describing, except that it's PvP.

  29. awesome! another commenter seems to think the same. in terms of connecting to private servers, can you say if i'm correct? first i need to download a wotlk client from (where?), then change the

  30. Not config, the realmlist file.

  31. giving warmane a try on the beginner server frostmourne! i'm assuming my character data doesn't lose on a seasonal reset. or do you think I should just go straight into icecrown?

  32. Chromiecraft is using the 3.3.5 (WotLK) client for its server, but is capped to level 60 content right now. The raids are tuned to balance the better WotLK talents/skills (still easy, but no facerolling)

  33. When chromiecraft moves to TBC, will character progress wipe? I'm really new to wow servers and I'm trying to find a stable server to spend a few hours a week into

  34. Isn't TBC the expansion BEFORE wotlk? so how does it work since we're going backwards? sorry i've literally only played wow up to level 30ish

  35. I've played on Turtle and CC. While I love TWoW's extra content, it's still a tad too time consuming for me to level on a classic core server especially as the end game is kinda stagnant.

  36. Sorry to reply to an old post, but with cc switching to tbc content, does that mean all character progression will be wiped?

  37. i’m curious of the second part of your question too-if people get start off their career in IT then into software development.

  38. Yes, precisely. The advantage is that there's always a contest or two going on. The level of difficulty also varies by the company. Take a contest or two and see how you like it.

  39. It looks like all of the hiring challenges have been over, with the most recent being all the way in April this year 2022. What are some advantages in doing the normal hackathons? There are 7 live ones that look pretty interesting, while I wait for my college's hackathon to start

  40. Did you check the "Upcoming" tab? I see around 6 proper hiring (around 2-3hrs OA) and 2 hackathons (over multiple days) options there starting Dec 1. (Note that I am an experienced dev, so it is possible that the options appear differently for me (assuming that you are a fresh grad?)).

  41. I see around 3 upcoming hackathons, so maybe it is? I'm currently a student but yeah

  42. am I supposed to wear a nice button down shirt for my final round, or is a black tee fine?

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