1. babe there's only one Lana. Diet Lana and Lana Zero don't hit the same. 😔

  2. Be careful!! I had that necklace and I lovvvved it and the bottom fell off when I was wearing it one day 😭

  3. NFR, it just have every mood in it. I couldn't lvie without mariners apartment complex and the greatest

  4. wow i just checked out the rest of your lizzy grant beats and i love them !!

  5. Yeah i didn’t mention mental illness at all!

  6. No one said that lol or thought it …

  7. oh yea, the whole comment section of this reddit is people calling him schizophrenic or mentally ill, go read, man. and even if you didn't mention That word, disability is nothing to be ashamed of or to stigmatize but keep talking shit about a man who just express his love for Lana 👍

  8. I do not see vertical for FG at all. A lot of the verified SGs have a similar straight figure as Ariana, but are still SG because they lack vertical. (Winona Ryder for example)

  9. and SG can have curve without necessarily having a double curve too

  10. is the blue velvet picture actually lana?

  11. I find she looks shorter than her height and her arms look kinda short in a way that adds some juxtaposition

  12. Surprised no one has said SN. She was the archetype of fresh and sensual in Teen Wolf. The dresses with the plunging necklines are by far the best, and those almost always accommodates width.

  13. I don't see it honestly, she dressed more gamine than anything in teen wolf

  14. That’s some SG shit imo. She has a Reese Witherspoon look. C looks wear her imo, whereas she is wearing that PHOTOREALISTIC SLICED LEMONS dress?! Despite all odds. That alone sells me on the G energy haha!

  15. Oh... she actually could be a SG, I would totally believe it. Shes always wearing heels which makes her look much taller than she really is but in reality she does look tiny, examples:

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