1. NOTE: this is a datamined skin uncovered by Temporyal -

  2. Have you guys looked at ClanAOD? Massive and active PC player base:

  3. The problem is if DeSantis beats Trump in a primary, he isn’t going to do well with the working class, which he desperately needs to win. He’d do much better than Trump in Georgia and Arizona, but worse in the rust belt states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Oz couldn’t replicate Trump’s margins or turnout in the rurals, and that’s why he lost. DeSantis did do well in the rurals in his Governor’s race, but gubernatorial elections are more malleable than Federal races. And if DeSantis attacked Trump to his left, he’d lose a lot of votes from the rurals who wouldn’t turn out for him. Not to mention Trump would be spiteful and probably try to screw DeSantis over. So there is no real win here.

  4. I'm from PA and OZ lost because he wasnt from here. He made many, many mistakes in trying to appeal to folks here. He was a doomed Canidate from the start. McCormick would have done better in the election.

  5. Hi there, UnusualPuppilium! Thank you for participating in

  6. Except they haven't. Pretty much only Tom has pushed this and he is correct as often as a broken watch.

  7. Correct - most of what Tom pushes in RE to this game is BS. I don't know that he has decent sources at EA/DICE. There is no definitive proof that this was ever supposed to be a BR.

  8. Long story short - the vast majority of the decision makers and devs that made those games no longer work for EA/DICE. The new team's overall vision for the series has changed, therefore - this game is quite a bit different than previous games.

  9. During the day we have some Western EU - most folks are EDT US. A few PST US.

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