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  1. I NEED HELP ASAP. As I was doing my “as the courtyard in spring once appeared” domain my wifi connection went away so I had to reload the game. That alone is nice and all HOWEVER. The domain bugged and now the training hall thinks I don’t have the little card I need to move on yet and the dojo thinks that I do.

  2. It's because artists lewd certain characters and then at one point this menace of a fandom decides they're minors (the only canon -physical- minors in the game are the ones with the small bodytype like klee), and boom, ur a p3do now! Then ofc, half the player base starts pointing a finger at you just to up the reputation of the fandom yk.

  3. Trying to pick a part what was combined, I can tell beidou arm, moan or sucrose for the jacket. Chongyun's shoes, xingqiu's lapel broach is on their hip. Now who's eyes are those they're a little too harsh to be Albedos....

  4. Definitely. We’ve got a total tsundere on our hands here >:)

  5. They would die of hypothermia in Snezhnaya.

  6. I think Ghoulia would fit Rosaria better then Toralei but other then that nice colour schemes.

  7. I actually planned on doing ghoulia with ganyu but I can see it tho

  8. Venti. Just venti. I started playing because of him sooo yea. I do have the most fun in game playing kazuha tho.

  9. Naw, torb would barely reach rein asshole, even if he was laying on the ground💀

  10. I might be the black sheep here but I was absolutely obsessed with chapter one, it made me super hyped over this manga and I got kinda disappointed over the rest of the chapters being different. Idk chapter 1 was just perfect, it was unique, beautiful, just the right amount of dark... aaaaa it was fucking hawt man.

  11. I'm confused as to why the skin color change as a casual I don't see the resemblance to widow at all would love someone to explain it to me

  12. I basically put widowmaker in another characters outfit from different game (rosaria from genshin impact) with a few necessary changes. Rosarias skin is not purple, that’s why I changed it. I believe that there are canon widow skins where her skin isn’t purple tho so I don’t see why you’re so confused about that.

  13. The fact that there’s literally only one actual yaoi hentai on the entire website and they’re still so pissed off😭 Like okay, you don’t have to be into it, then maybe don’t click??

  14. Idk how to feel about ginger zhongli tho ahahhahah

  15. Childe is amazing but I can’t shake the feeling that zhongli is off, can’t even say what makes me feel that way.

  16. Same and it’s definitely the ginger for me lol

  17. The pic I worked with was originally cut off and I was lazy to draw them back on lol

  18. Your and you’re don’t sound much different. Was that an issue translating or are you hung up bout something personal?

  19. Believe me, as and artist who creates mostly original content, I know that the best. I never get the credit I think I deserve for my artwork. I get 2-3 likes/100-150 upvotes every time. Still, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having fun with this kind of stuff, especially when most of the audience enjoys it. And no, your and you’re aren’t the same thing. I’m not a native English speaker and even I know that. :)

  20. This is the one I agree with the most so far

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