1. Except this really isn't true. At least not at the college level. Maybe at the high school level, but not in college in my field at least (Biology).

  2. The last college textbooks I personally learned from I admit were more than a decade ago. The biology ones then were informative, but I wouldn't call engaging. The expertise in biology was there but not so much otherwise. They were however better than the ones ten years before that. Yours today might be great, which is why I said most.

  3. Great point on TTRPGs not having a primary source equivalent. Definitely agree with that. I also find the uncanny middle to be quite apt.

  4. The question is do you expect to expand out to more of a surround sound in the future or stay with the 2.1?

  5. If I remember right, the lights are considered integral to the original IM Pei design and are considered sort of historic at this point. The plan I believe is to renovate them to like new and to rewire to better handle current LEDs.

  6. It isn’t so much the store manager but stock at that store. The store manager will look at stock and discount per policy for their particular store. Spending the money to ship to other stores or to customers hopefully online just isn’t worth it.

  7. My non-expert don't know what its good for take, because I think that overall you have an much better idea for visual design than I do!

  8. The question is, if it is a min/max build from the internet, did your players really imagine it? Or are they doing the equivalent of using a chess program to play chess for them?

  9. I heard someone purchased one of these at a NASA yard sale for $100. Epic find.

  10. Whenever I see a play test set up like this, it warms my heart.

  11. Very few specifics, a lot of political platitudes.

  12. Buy the highest rated games specifically targeting those with tons of hotness and hype. Don't pay attention to what you like because your tastes aren't developed yet. Go for completeness. Make sure you own every game in the BBG top20, and the DiceTower top ten. Unless you wish to be more of a "collector" then look for big boxes with lots of miniatures on Kickstarter. /s

  13. I think there has been movement towards systems that work like PbtA or Year Zero. Where there are base mechanics and structures but what gets sold is an implementation within a given game.

  14. I use scrivener and like it, but it is in no way a necessity. I was a pen and paper person before that.

  15. Doesn‘t want to pay taxes, but wants control of public policy.

  16. Wow, and the Nuggets still win without playing much defense.

  17. As simple as it can be, as complex as it needs to be. It is a game that is similar enough to other games because that is an affordance to learning, it does not need to recreate the wheel but can leverage the knowledge people have in games. It should be well supported because no matter how well written a game, that often doesn’t deal with edge cases or is the limits of learning. Further, a sense of community among players provides support and greater appreciation of the hobby of that game.

  18. This is exactly the headspace I was in when I began this journey! My team is now on week two of creation. We are running statistics and stress testing the basic math and the math rocks of it all, and when we set out, I gave the parameters in the choices of the poll as items that we need to be obsessed about, I wanted to be sure I was on the right track with this. So far, I've gotten some good feedback. Yours is pretty confirming of what I suspect will help guide us, but it's also nice to hear that some folks are just guided by other factors and take it a game at a time.

  19. I think it is great to have design goals and to re-evaluate them throughout the design process. Definitely all for stress testing the math in any game.

  20. I like them when the help set a scene at the beginning. When they start appearing mid-scene it can, but not always, hit me a little weird.

  21. Just got t0+ towers and the c1+. Still figuring out a sub. How do you like the SB2000 pro with what you have?

  22. I generally agree that if the picture in your book isn't the focus of it, make sure the length of description matches in some sense its importance.

  23. Books on art history or essays about particular works of art can't really be used as examples in the context of telling a story as they're effectively opposites. On one side you're telling the story of an existing picture, but on the other you're trying to "paint" something new with words.

  24. So one can describe a painting with more than 10,000 words. Theoretically, we could say that one could write a work of fiction that did just that. Only with a work that doesn't exist.

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