My best recovery/save in 5 years of playing

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  1. I remember when jungle wasnt even a role 🤣

  2. I use the boost topper. Is small, flat, glows a little and doesnt disturb much.

  3. Desert Combat Final mod for Bf1942. Because that the point where revolution in BF started.

  4. 1v1 RL has to be the worst mode ever. So boring and have to think so much. 3v3 and 2v2 well clear

  5. Yep i played 1v1 just for week challenges and is so boring and frustrating. Cause i think its mosty about who wins the kickoff.

  6. Why we dont have this map on PS4, damn it looks good 😟

  7. I recently came back to Forgotten Hope 2. One server is still alive

  8. 20 years watching Premier league. Supports Manchester United

  9. Punkbuster? Damn last time i saw it in Battelfield2. In battlefield folder should be punkb exe file for updating

  10. This helped me. I was looking for it yesterday. Its quite hard but it works. Grind to grind is explained around 9 minute

  11. What are you talking about? BF 2042 has the biggest destruction of all Battlefield. They literally destroyed the whole franchise

  12. How do you jump from slide/grind forward to another slide/grind. When I push cursor to make ollie , its always to the left or ride side from grind or slide

  13. When you’re in the grind press both L2 and R2 at the same time to pop off straight

  14. Literally smells APEX from those descriptions

  15. Well i played Bf 2042 beta yesterday. And it doesnt fell like "all out warfare" theres no feel of to be in the middle of battlefield.

  16. Its always funny how teammates quickly leave the game when they f**ked up the whole game

  17. Im doing saves like this on daily basis

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