1. Then they relate it to having COVID in 2016 before it existed and their frustration with their PCP to take their chronic fatigue seriously

  2. Dude they are the best I’ve never had that happen from them but I’m sure they will hook u up. I emailed them and they sent me a goody bag of cool shit

  3. It slowly eats at you until you look in the mirror at the blood splattered on your face and you think “who killed all these target employees?”

  4. Just get it over with and buy a Mighty plus! I know it costs more but I wish I would have ponied up for one in the beginning and saved myself a whole lot of money in the long run!

  5. Oh come now. You get pizza parties. Surely that is enough right?

  6. Had a 5’6 160lb family member tell me unironically he could have played in the NFL but they were scared of his physicality. He still talks about his high school glory days in the early 70s.

  7. Leaving is a personal choice but a lot of people worry what everyone else will think. The only person responsible for your happiness is you and impressing people, especially people you don’t even like, isn’t a reason to stay miserable. But to answer your question FUCK NO NOT EVER NOT NOW NOT TODAY NOT YESTERDAY

  8. Really struggling with the 1/6 spin still, I’ve had a few say well the Las Vegas concert shooter was a democrat so what’s your point. I’m curious to see what they settle on.

  9. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly one religion doing all of it

  10. Welllllll then you need to do some research. Start with Christian converts in Africa beheading gays and then work your way backward in time

  11. So you just made that up didn’t you? Poor baby all confused.

  12. I ride a subway to and from work in a big city. The number of people with a cloud of weed around them at 6:30am is amazing.

  13. Your table saw setup and technique is going to get you killed brother. Let alone your droopy sweater leaning into the blade, for real what the hell are you thinking

  14. Your username is everything.

  15. (Pack of 8) Kihung 2FT LED Shop Light, 10W 1100LM 6500K (Super Bright White), Under Cabinet Light and LED Ceiling Light, LED Light Bar for Room, Corde

  16. One guy I’m looking at for tonight is Jordan Hudson on TCU, made some big catches against Michigan and can be had as big as 9-1 on anytime TD and 100-1 First TD

  17. For the love of GOD let us put in orders WHILE we are rounding. And don't just rattle off the orders rapid fire 5000 wpm so that I can barely understand you.

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