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Citizens chant "CCP, step down" and "Xi Jinping, step down" in the streets of Shanghai, China

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Wojciech Szczęsny penalty save against Saudi Arabia 45+1'

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  1. WOW reposted and still fake title :facepalm:

  2. If you listen carefully he does actually mention the girl at the end of the video saying “if I ever catch you talking to Kornelia again I will f*ck you up with this pot”

  3. Unless you're rigorously exercising, I'd put it closer to like 90/10. Cutting out extra calories by cutting things like beer/soda will see results incredibly quickly. Getting people to keep active + not have the feeling of "i worked up a sweat, one piece of pie is ok" is a lot harder than just "I'm gonna switch to diet soda" or "nah, I don't need to grab Doritos while I'm at the store."

  4. Well, newer equipment in a gym often shows how many calories you’re actually burning, smartwatch does the same thing. I really recommend it for people who are trying to lose weight.

  5. Is this after yesterday’s match? 😂

  6. What an idiot. Literally centimetres from death

  7. Lol I could say the same about women!!

  8. massive W, hope i don’t have a recurrence either, thanks for sharing

  9. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! I’m sure! My doctor told me that to get a testicular cancer in the first place you have to be quite unlucky but to get a recurrence you’d probably have to be one of the most unlucky people in the world. The chances are sooo slim. Stay optimistic, everything will be fine! Also, with each month that passes by the chance for recurrence lowers. May I ask which stage was yours detected at?

  10. 1b with some letters due to size, no spread outside of teste and negative margins

  11. Nice, you have nothing to worry about then. Well done on catching it early :) I had stage 1 as well. Did you have to take chemo or just surgery was enough? For me it was the latter.

  12. 5 11 is tall wtf this b**ch on about

  13. Yeah, I don’t believe that’s possible

  14. I’m starting to think that these black holes really could be some spacetime rifts / teleports.

  15. Funny thing is that Poland also doesn't deserve it with such awful playstyle

  16. Agreed. I’ve no idea how we managed to shithouse our way into the KO stages 😂 thanks Szczęsny I guess?

  17. lmao argentina couldnt get any luckier. they face australia (ez win) and then winner of netherlands and usa (both teams are JOKE) gj in semi argentina might as well just give them these 2 victories already

  18. Netherlands are good and they will easily beat Argentina

  19. Yep, probably even 7-0 after that awful display today xD

  20. EDIT : Cheers to the mods for taking a quick gander at some evidence to show I did my research and why things have to be phrased as they are. I wouldn't have had to bother but you'll notice in the comments below two accounts inferring that this account was taken from a Reddit comment which isn't the case. As with every China related post on China have fucking fun in the comments lads. Jesus.

  21. Wtf, so those Baoans really think that it was foreigners that brought Covid?? Damn they need to educate themselves lol covid actually originated in China, let’s not forget!!

  22. You just know that if she makes one dodgy call it will be treated the same as when a male referee has a total disasterclass.

  23. And rightly so, if the mistake is big enough. Doesn’t matter if man or woman. If a ref makes a mistake - they should be called out for it.

  24. Fuck that. If they try charging for that bs, name and shame and leave reviews everywhere showing these photos, warning people what to expect.

  25. That's what I did when my agent put some idiotic fees on me. By the way, fuck Chestertons agency. Avoid them! Scammers

  26. Musiala lacks the striker instinct imo

  27. Let's be clear. This shit will be squashed in 72 hours. And then swept under the rug.

  28. I don’t like your pessimistic tone and I don’t think you’re right at all.

  29. Swiftly beaten by the 45' save in Arg vs Mexico

  30. Nope. Szczesny's save is still the save of the tournament so far.

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