1. Too bad he will probably just teleport back to his spawn point.

  2. I'd highly recommend Sky UI. You can change the time with a slider and pause and resume time. It also has a nice weather control panel.

  3. Never encountered Johnny before, maybe one day I will find him and earn a free jetpack...

  4. Bro spent $100 on fall guys just to get SpongeBob 💀

  5. Why is everyone hating on the pass skippers? It's their money and they decide what they want to do with it. It also supports Mediatonic to keep making updates.

  6. Since no one seems to help you I will give you the tips:

  7. so about 12 hours of storage when you have a full nuclear setup producing 2520 waste per min

  8. That's actually crazy how fast it fills up and how you almost must build a waste processing plant for the waste if you got a big nuclear setup

  9. The fluid flowing through the pipes would be both cool and useful. Would be laggy asf though.

  10. I bought the game during FICSMAS 2021. It took me almost to the end before I learned the tree made gifts and I didn't have to run around collecting them.

  11. Literally same, waited a bit for when update 5 released.

  12. They really need to fix the pathing/ai on these things. I've built huge factories where they have been put roofs on them, and now they just randomly walk on the roofs. There has to be a solution to this that wouldn't involve a ton of new coding....

  13. Also walking into your unfinished factories... I love beans but I also need my personal space. There's also no easy way of moving them unless you use violence, which I don't tend to do.

  14. Last time ficsmas started when I just got the game, I only had coal power and steel automated. I had to build a small temporary factory that (spoiler alert) stayed for a little bit too long. I barely managed to finish the research tree way into January.

  15. Kerem, the current lily leapers world record holder has struck again!

  16. Me who just lowered my graphics settings:

  17. Man, I already felt enough pressure when I realised that others could spectate me. Now I know exactly how many.

  18. But I kinda regret bcus I thought you could get as many as you can I got the Earth one without knowing you can only get one and I wanted to get the US but now I can’t 😭

  19. This was a .io mobile game before it was on stumble guys. That mobile game was my fav for months.

  20. Looks like Finland annexed both Sweden and estonia and Sweden annexed Norway.

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