1. We made the mistake of flying in same day on our first cruise. We made it but it was really close. On the way home we had a weather delay and missed a connecting flight in Detroit. Ended up spending the night there. Could have just as easily been the way TO the cruise. These days, we go in 2 days ahead.

  2. Did you call and request the flight a day early before the flights were booked? We booked our cruise directly through NCL last week and was told we couldn’t choose when we fly in or depart. In that not the case? Thanks

  3. It's called a deviation. You can go one or two days early or leave one or two days after. BUT you have to request it 75 days before the cruise.

  4. Open the link and click "Description," located on the right-hand side to read about the product. It does say that the plates are dishwasher safe; however, if you were planning on using these plates in the microwave, you may want to choose another product in customization 2.

  5. Top rack in the dishwasher. People may want to check to see if a plate will fit before choosing.

  6. What in the hell? They did everything they could to offer the least attractive lounge set I have ever seen :(

  7. I wonder if they picked this color just so people would stop complaining about pink. 🤔

  8. I'm surprised they gave you a refund at all.

  9. I've seen the Glassdoor reviews of FFF, so good for her getting the hell out of there. One can only take being tossed under the bus so many times.

  10. I'm getting the bundle too. I got the robe when it was in add-ons. I'm starting to get a Barefoot Dreams addiction.

  11. Where are the 4 official spoilers posted?

  12. "he knocked the woman to the floor and put pressure on her throat, causing her to lose consciousness"

  13. I might be in the minority here but I really don’t understand the obsession over that unhide pillow. IMO it’s way too expensive for a faux fur lumbar pillow

  14. I don't get the Unhide obsession. The two separate layers annoy me and the one I have stopped being soft after the first wash. Meanwhile I have others for around $20-$30 that are bigger and get softer everytime I wash them.

  15. FFFTV shut down in early 2020. The ball has probably been sitting in the warehouse since then. I think it was last year when they got bit on some Business & Pleasure coolers that sat in the warehouse and sent them out with bugs and mold.

  16. So FFFTV was different than the "TV" section on their website .? Thanks for the info, I signed up in 2021 so I guess the JM workouts were before my time.

  17. FFFTV and the TV section are the same thing. Under the FabFitFun logo is the ffftv logo and some videos have the ffftv logo on them. If you google the "new" videos you can see they are dated from 2020. They leave the old up and don't put up any new content.

  18. It's not up to everyone else to keep your SO from cheating on you. If they cheat, blame them them, not the person they cheated with.

  19. There weren't any issues with mine but if you are wanting to give a "luxe" item, this isn't it. It's thin and feels cheap.

  20. Seems like a great plan if they're in a hurry to reach the "til death" part of the vows.

  21. I wouldn’t put it past them for it to be an edit sale that expires if you don’t use it, and requires you to keep your sub for spring. And we still have to pay a seven dollar shipping fee. So they’re really giving you three dollars if you give them $57+.

  22. I looked at the post on the forum about wishing them happy birthday and there was no mention of getting a credit. But they have been so sketch with these incentives lately and changing the posts to add/"clarify" conditions later.

  23. Would it be that difficult to put that same bot on Mastodon?

  24. They wanted to try and get people shopping but didn't want the same fiasco as the Thanksgiving credit going to charity and costing them money.

  25. Ok, LOL I guess I am not going to get the remainder of my money back from the year subscription I had paid for in April sigh.

  26. Contact your credit card issuer. They maybe able to refund you.

  27. So, you're telling me you have to spend a MINIMUM of $143 to get $110 back in credit? That's getting one $4.99 item for 12 days and paying shipping for the single item. Eh, I think not.

  28. You can get another $10 for posting on your social media. And the real kicker, the credit is ONLY for the spring add-ons. Not extra customizations, not boosts, not refills, not the shop, not a different sale. Use it or lose it.

  29. Right!? This is a mess. If you’re paying for shipping every day you’re really only getting a net $4 credit. (Iirc shipping is $5.95?). It’s way too complicated.

  30. They upped shipping this season. It is now $6.95 for under $49 purchases.

  31. They are doing checkout DAILY so be mindful that you will get charged if something is in your cart at the end of the day.

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