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  • By - ImX99

  1. Omg you weren't kidding. Ordered from there tonight for pickup. I'm in love.

  2. So long and thanks for all the fish

  3. The Hand 1981 with Michael Caine. Guy's hand gets detached and goes on a murderous rampage. I'm still terrified to put my hand out of the window of a moving car.

  4. I don't remember the movie's name, but I watched it on a whim after someone mentioned it in a thread like this one.

  5. He made his choices. It's all all volunteer military. He didn't want to go to college, or trade school, or start a career in a financial lucrative industry, that's not her fault.

  6. Or he did want to go to college or trade school and joining the military was the only way. I agree it's not her fault tho.

  7. It's never the only way. Someone that destitute would qualify for a pell grant. There's also work study programs, and company funded education. Amazon pays for all of its employees college regardless of what field they study. It may not be the best place to work, but it sure beats getting a leg blown off in some desert shit hole.

  8. If you have access to be able to use those options, sure. I'm going to assume you've never been truly destitute yourself.

  9. She said and turned the other way.

  10. I feel like putting Mother! here is almost a spoiler. That being said it was a hell of a ride and probably one of my more favorite recent (horror) movies

  11. Man I had a similar dream about driving off a cliff, except at the moment of impact I kind of "respawned" on the road. Even dream me was absolutely flabbergasted that that happened.

  12. I'm struggling too. I loved the movie tho.

  13. What kind of bracelets? That would help.

  14. Halloween 3. I know it's got a great fan base now and is getting the love it deserves but I will always defend it as its genuinely a great movie. It's an interesting story as well as it being something different. It's really well acted from start to finish as well the the amazing score behind it. Just because it's not got MM in it doesn't make it less enjoyable.

  15. Supposedly Halloween was supposed to be a franchise of different horror events happening on Halloween. Halloween 3 was supposed to be Halloween 2. But the studio demanded a 2nd Michael myers movie due to the success. Carpenter tried to put the franchise back on track to no avail.

  16. Have you seen Jugface? I had skipped over it for years, but I recently watched it on shudder and I loved it. Def a "different world beyond 'hick'" although it is very much set in Appalachia and the people it depicts would fit the traditional stereotype of "hillbilly."

  17. Jugface was way better than I thought it would be!! Highly recommend

  18. I have 4 days at aside from my firm. Trying not to panic

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