1. I was taking Mounjaro, but just every few weeks after the first 3 weekly shots. I wanted to give my body time to reset instead of creating a strong physiological dependence on a drug to lose (and eventually just maintain) my weight.

  2. I understand why they need a rebrand. When I first heard the name VeVe, it sounded like VEVO. When you overlay the 2 logos, they are too close, so Im sure there are issues that came up.

  3. I agree that the rebrand/logo was necessary because they are getting into music verticals (Vevo).

  4. I get super depressed taking it consistently, so I just take it off and on every few weeks.

  5. I like the bowls, I don't like the burritos. Prefer the gluten free tortillas Amy's uses.

  6. I usually do open face sandwiches with 1 slice. I find 2 slices of gluten free bread overwhelms the taste of a sandwich (unlike wheat bread), also less calories.

  7. I don't mind the constructive criticism, but people comparing the project to Quidd or a much smaller project like HRO are giving people unrealistic expectations.

  8. So anyone who is investing is a degenerate by your logic? Veve is dependend on both investor and collector.

  9. No. I'm not saying all investors are degens, but too many are. If you are on here complaining constantly, you are likely over invested and making the community toxic by blaming others for your bad financial decisions. Crypto is still very speculative.

  10. ISTPs will try to simplify something as much as they can. INTPs will try to approach something from every possible angle.

  11. My brother is an ISTP, and he's a lot like me in that he will do a lot of research and spend a lot of time considering options, and trial and error (P vs J). He will spend an inordinate amount of time on projects.

  12. Hehehehe. I think if they grew up with an INTP parent or other close relative, it's possible 🤷‍♀️

  13. I dunno. I just thought of Paula and Olivia as confused, entitled girls.

  14. Pretty sure that public housing apartments in the Bronx do not equip gas stoves with hood vents ... I'd like to see numbers from properly installed gas stoves.

  15. It will help, but people rarely use vent hoods unless cooking something steaming or that produces smoke. Gas combustion products aren't noticeable.

  16. You're thinking of the larger fulfillment center:

  17. Thank you. Now I have to do my duty and downvote all comments above yours.

  18. I have hashimotos so maybe my immune system is sensitive

  19. 100%. I have chronic inflammatory issues as well. Could be flare-up of pre-existing condition or new reaction if you're sensitive.

  20. I got moon face too!!! It looks like it did when I was on chemo.

  21. I made a video to send to family like a week after my last shot and was in shock at how fat my face was. Like, I'm almost back to a healthy weight range, how can I look so bad!? 😂 😭

  22. It’s definitely more routine oriented. For me Catholic mass is more “meditative” and “introspective” and homilies differ from parish to parish

  23. I can appreciate that aspect, but there is this feeling of oppression and guilt that was pretty profound to me after the initial novelty of going to Mass wore off. I got a strong sense that there is a right way and a wrong way to be a good Catholic. If you are a bad Catholic, you will be judged.

  24. From what I hear, a lot of people come from extremely judgmental parishes. Mine is pretty welcoming and focuses a lot on the joys of Jesus and the Bible, plus the joy of being a Christian in general. In Catholic theology, we know we are sinners, some Catholics focus on the toothpick in their neighbors eye to avoid seeing the log in their own eyes. I’m sorry your experience was people judging you and listening to mostly bad news messages.

  25. No, thank you for taking the time to respond. A lot of very valid points, and I'm glad you find joy in your church and your community.

  26. I don't care what anyone's type is regarding this, regardless of his type your post is slightly helpless or concerning. Like you sound incompatible with him or not able to grasp his mind in general

  27. I listen to him and have supported him for years. The problem with his behavior and anxiety is that he too often ends up burning everything to the ground, alienating everyone around him.

  28. They both had some pretty serious childbood trauma. INFJ's are rare, so I don't know what a healthy one looks like. I was just wondering if this pattern was relatable to anyone here.

  29. Nice of you to share your experience! People need to have alternatives to can consider if/when they discontinue.

  30. I thought she was incredible and had one of the most difficult roles because she had to convey so many complex emotions and subtleties to the audience through just her facial expressions. Because she didn’t have someone to talk to, to explain her plot as a character (I’m not sure what that’s called in writing). And she felt like a real human; complex, fragile, and misunderstood. An unpopular opinion in this sub, but I felt there was a sweet kindness in Valentina that was compelling.

  31. Yes! the scene where Mia is propositioning her and Valentina's eyes go wide, darting back and forth as she tries to take in this very unexpected situation. She looks like she's on the verge panic, so many conflicting emotions. That really tickled me because at first you think she's affronted, but no...she's considering it.

  32. She wasn't all smiles, she was interrogating him like a cop. The writing is a bit unbelievable, for a hotel manager to be so snippy to a guest.

  33. I thought it was a cultural distinction. She was professional and accommodating but direct.

  34. I feel the same way. His mother died in a car wreck racing away from the paps - let him get his bag.

  35. By feeding the same kind of tabloid machine that killed his mom? Rubish.

  36. In studies on wegovy, weight loss stalls at 68 weeks, and patients start very slowly regaining weight. This is what tolerance looks like.

  37. I'm nowhere near 68 weeks, yet, especially if we only count the time I was on the full recommended dose.

  38. The stall may come faster with Mounjaro being a dual GLP and GIP agonist. And that was the average for Wegovy, not per individual.

  39. I take Mounjaro. It won't be easy because your metabolism will drop significantly. I was off for 4 weeks, eating 1400 calories in the last 2 weeks and had no weight loss even with 10,000 steps a day. I had only taken 1.5 months worth at the lowest dosage at that point, so people at higher doses for longer will struggle.

  40. In my late teens/early 20s I landed several good admin jobs that required a degree I didn’t have. Turns out when they say “bachelors degree” they just meant “sound middle class on the phone”.

  41. I would take someone with a good high school GPA + extracurriculars and/or a good work record.

  42. I noticed that too. Rewatching season one after season two makes that scene jump out at you. What looked like an innocent mistake suddenly looks like it could have been planned.

  43. It could seem like that, but I took it as Greg genuinely thought he was going to die and that made life simple. He was just living for the moment.

  44. I don’t didn’t take those nights as altruistic for her benefit - i interpreted that each interaction was to build trust and ultimately position that mafia hunk to kill her. The previous night was so she was willing to go off with him that last night.

  45. Found confirmation. You have to read pretty far down, but Quentin was altruistic, at least in some manner with Tanya's send off according to Mike White:

  46. Wow they're really going for the whole "Healthcare is BAD, actually" thing

  47. I don't care anymore. I'm tired of trying to think it's noble to convince morons not to play in traffic...over and over and over.

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