1. Source of the top picture with the pancakes ?

  2. Why the hell ,reddit allows me to see nsfw images and videos with the settings with nsfw not activated?

  3. I'm glad you do! I'm starting Knowings ch 6 now, so you'll have to wait.

  4. I would like the sauce brother, in order to avoid it in the future of course

  5. For a power cell using near future technology, I think some form of superconducting magnetic energy storage device would work to provide raw power, and you could have something like a micro nuclear thermoelectric generator slowly charging the SMES batteries up over time. The overall power draw would be limited to how much waste heat you can get rid of but it would work in quite a few situations for a military device. You’d have to harden the nuclear plant so it doesn’t break easily but it’s the only way I can think of powering something like that without needing a backpack full of either gasoline or high energy nitrogen allotropes.

  6. Right. For the most part, I've just been calling it a power cell and leaving it at that. It does the Basic Job and anything extra needs, well, extra.

  7. I figured. Anyways, as I stated earlier, I feel that chapters 20-25 is a turning point where I get into a groove and the story gets significantly better, overall.

  8. How is this a talent and not skill? Tell me which babies come out the womb knowing how to do this.

  9. Then, I cast thee into the jaws of hornyjail, forever locked away. You shall rue this day.

  10. I’ve enjoyed this story quite a bit. My only real critique of it is it’s a bit heavy handed at hyping “humans” up. Like multiple characters are just straight up saying that humans are tougher than everyone else. I know this is the HFY subreddit but I think most people would understand without someone actually saying it directly.

  11. Well, yes, guilty as charged. Most of it plays up the humans are badass trope. That does slowly change and just becomes an accepted fact in-universe.

  12. I am gonna turn my self into the horny police cuz I thought this was hot

  13. Well, yes, as do I. Though an ecchi, I think is the word I'm looking for, isn't bad either.

  14. Strange that wendigos are mentioned. I have an urban fantasy story on

  15. I did that on Halloween, well, I didn't think of it as pr0n. It was, however, very explicit. I was strongly encouraged not to do so again lest the Ban Hammer be taken out of cold storage.

  16. You can't stop me. I had a two week headstart to NNN and I'm about to succeed with my dignity intact.

  17. Took me a minute to realize this isn't

  18. D&D and Hornies have a lot of crossover content, especially the 3.5e era.

  19. A dildo is comprised of three sections: a hemisphere (1.0 cm radius) as the head, a long cylinder (0.9 cm radius, 15 cm length) as the shaft, and a flat cylinder (1.5 cm radius, 0.5 cm length) as the flared base. The flat cylinder is comprised entirely of a harder silicone and the hemisphere is comprised entirely of a softer silicone. The long cylinder has a harder silicone core, with a 0.2 cm annulus of softer silicone. What is the ratio of harder to softer silicone required for the manufacturing?

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