1. Just look at the screenshots in this article.

  2. This game is the prime title for showing reconstruction techniques since the built in TAA is so crap in comparison, vaseline on everything.

  3. cant wait to play it in 3-4 years when i upgrade my rig and old used vr sets are cheap

  4. Can get a Quest 2 and play the game standalone there. Graphic is far worse than PC version though.

  5. From what I understand you get a pcvr version as well if you get the Quest 2 version, so he would be able to see it in full should he get his upgrade.

  6. Yes, it's crossbuy so you'll get the Oculus Rift version which is PCVR, functionally identical to Steam version but uses Oculus's storefront instead.

  7. Hopefully AMD sees sales on Zen 4 being an alarm bell that the gravy train of overpriced PC hardware is gone. Like you can go to a MicroCenter now and buy any kind of Zen 4 processor without any waiting or shipping.

  8. Even if Zen 4 is cheaper they wouldn't have moved a lot more stock. The gains are mediocre compared to the competitor and total platform cost is still expensive, plus gamers are waiting for 3D cache version. Zen 3 release didn't face any of these obstacles.

  9. Yes you have, that's the whole point. Your eyes are only focussing on a very small region in the center of your field of view. The rest around it gets processes by your brain in far less detail.

  10. My point is, even high res on current headsets isn't high res, compared to a phone or laptop display. When looking dead center on a Quest 2 I can tell pixels apart. When area outside of foveal 5 degree changes resolution it's recognizable too. Maybe I'm too used to high res displays that foveated rendering at the Quest's resolution and FOV isn't appealing at all.

  11. Human vision doesn't work like a monitor.

  12. Feels like we're back to square one, with knowledge not applied into reality. I have just 2 questions: how high is high enough level of details, and how low can you go on resolution for area out of focus without it becoming noticeable?

  13. If you know your prescription, prescription lens inserts are surprisingly affordable from places like AliExpress (for some headsets at least).

  14. The Junkerqueen and Kiriko skins do not look like legendary quality

  15. They looks like legendary skins you can get for 1000 credit in OW1 store. But having to pay real $ for them would be a hard sell.

  16. You can find the generic support page by removing the SKU suffix and replacing all region-specific characters with 0, e.g. a model with SKU 14-ef0013dx, if you search 14-ef0000 the top result should be their support page.

  17. Will it record when not in use and listen 24/7? Or just when in use.

  18. If you're reported multiple times for abusive chat they'll run speech to text on your voice chat to collect evidence. After 30 days at most the transcript will be deleted. That's it.

  19. The 3070 was nearly impossible to be found in stock let alone having a decent price for most of 3070Ti's lifetime.

  20. That's probably because 4080 12GB is a 4060 (ti) in truth. It's the 104 die.

  21. And this 104 die is like last gens' 106 die since it's the 4th best and only 192 bit. Instead of going 100 102 104 (256 bit) 106 (192 bit) this year Nvidia sneaked in 103 so we have 100 102 103 (256 bit) 104 (192 bit).

  22. Unpopular opinion… I actually like curved displays. My OnePlus 7 Pro was very much curved but I liked it since it made gesture navigation feel smoother. Accidental touches also don’t seem like much of a problem anymore, at least on my S21 Ultra. They look better than flat displays tho IMO, and being able to see notifications face down is useful.

  23. Add me to the "prefer curved display for gestures" club.

  24. Has he been involved in the scene for that long? I only ever watch OWL and can't keep up with the news all that well.

  25. He's in the scene since 2018, also played for Thai team when they made it to the OWWC.

  26. You should wait for Notebookcheck's review on the laptop. They have it on 'coming soon' section so it should be out in the next month or two. However be assured it will not reach gaming laptop level of response time.

  27. CRT monitors are faster than LCDs too, yet they are only used in a handful of competitive fighting game tournaments. Speed isn't everything.

  28. But the advantages LCDs have over CRTs are also what cables have over wireless (resolution and power consumption).

  29. they can, I know, but we're talking about performance compared to DP

  30. If it's DP alt mode over USB C then it performs the same as a native DP port.

  31. I wonder if AMD/intel would employ him then, work on an off the shelf integrated solution for the ultra high end above what most people will assemble with separate parts. Have the regular i9/5950x/etc CPUs, and then a kingpin mobo+cpu+cooler offering, like a intel skull canyon/compute element but at the other end of the size scale

  32. Aren't OC-ers mostly work with unconventional methods e.g. liquid nitrogen, BIOS mods and the branded products are just them lending their names on an overbuilt design? That wouldn't translate to a job with a chip maker.

  33. With how accurate the Nvidia leaks ended up being, AMD is going to DEMOLISH Nvidia, especially on the lower end.

  34. AMD need to have decent stocks for their cards first, the early RDNA2 releases were all paper launches.

  35. I feel like Nvidia is just in a vicious cycle of doing a shitty, overpriced generation that pisses people off, then having to apologize by doing a good value one the very next generation.

  36. As long as it works (money wise) and stocks are moved they'll keep doing it. Next year they'll probably release 4000 SUPER series with better perf/price ratio.

  37. Where did you get this information from? Isn't the weird IHS design specifically done to ensure that the stack height remains the same? And where did you find that the backplate is non-removable, because if it is, there's no way a Noctua L9a AM5 can exist?

  38. 7.92mm for AM4 and 7.98mm for AM5 (you can find schematics on Wikichip), it's tiny but might matter to this cooler only?

  39. Dude has Tom Holland eyes and hair, same cheeks when he isn’t trying to posture his chin to look tough (the frog-in-mouth look people speak on) Why do you gotta assume racial biases?

  40. Because I played the games, watched the movies and don't see the similarities? Feel like people just look at comparison pictures at specific angles and made up their mind that the reason for the remodelling is to look like Tom Holland.

  41. Cant blame people for thinking that it was an executive decision to make more money. We do live in a capitalist society, after all. That also doesn’t explain you assuming racial biases but whatever.

  42. Because deducting standout features turn everything into a generic stereotype look.

  43. The reason is most likely people from 1st world countries abusing the system and snapping up games at regional pricing. Publishers see a disproportionate number of sales from cheaper regions so they just raise prices. It sucks because for a while there, I could actually afford to buy games thanks to good regional pricing, but cheapskates ruin everything.

  44. My country used to have good regional pricing (40-50% of US prices) but recently many publishers raised them to 80-100% of US prices so I've moved to Game Pass and seldomly buy games off Steam anymore. GP has regional pricing and it's not up to each publisher to decide.

  45. I assume if it has blood oxygen and ecg support it will be competing with the Series 8, still a steep price for an Android watch.

  46. First it needs to compete with the GW4 (which has both of these).

  47. Yes but you need an USB C to DP cable. USB C to HDMI is limited to HDMI 1.4, many monitors limit HDMI 1.4 to 120Hz or less (even though it's capable of 144Hz at 1080p).

  48. I don't know if you forgot literally everything about that game, but it was so bad that it even allowed players to inject code through the chat:

  49. The examples you've listed are irrelevant. New World didn't break the GPUs, rather the cards weren't built to dealt with an old situation (very high, unlimited FPS). It wasn't the first or last game without a FPS cap, just the most popular one at the time.

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