1. We start play in the Big 12 next season. So we're already joining a P5 conference. Unless you mean you want us in the B1G?

  2. Uh how did they review nolley being out if bounds? You can't review that. It's not allowed. These refs have blown this game.

  3. They straight up said they couldn’t tell if he stepped out but gave it to Tulane anyway. Just an amazing display of ass crack officiating

  4. And they didn't call the blatant T at the end of regulation when the Tulane player tossed a dead ball into the stands. Refs didn't want the game decided by FTs. Can't wait to get out of this conference

  5. The redcats? Or maybe the bearhawks? Both would be interesting

  6. Well op said in state rivals. UC only has Miami as an in state rival so that's what I was going with

  7. I think a lot of those offers in the list are outdated. He was a former UC commit awhile ago but the previous staff didnt honor it. Not sure what exactly happened but it seems like he didn't progress as much as expected from his junior to senior year.

  8. Yeah. He wasn't putting on the weight and doing what was necessary to grow.

  9. He wasn't at UC but we almost hired Jim Tressel instead of Rick Minter. That would have been interesting.

  10. Satterfield is not a great coach. His record at Louisville was extremely meh (his record there was one game over .500 for crying out loud). Tbh he was kind of an underwhelming hire. If you're expecting him to be better than this team was at Fickell's peak than all I can say is LMAO. They are absolutely in for a major regression and they're definitely not making the CFP again anytime soon under Satt. Any UC fans who think Satt is actually going to be an improvement from Fickell are completely deluding themselves. He's almost certainly going to be a downgrade. Fickell was the best head coach UC has had since Brian Kelly.

  11. You completely missed everything I said to go on a rant on a completely different topic lol

  12. What's to miss? You were trying to hype up this team as being better off with Satterfield than Fickell. I can tell you from watching his Louisville teams play that they're not lmao. Ask any Louisville fan about him. They could not be more thrilled that UC took him off their hands. This is a Tommy Tuberville-type of hire on the part of UC (except Tuberville was more proven as a HC coming in than Satt is). Downplaying Fickell's departure is just stupid. Losing Fickell was a huge loss for UC football, there's just no way around that. It was inevitable that it was going to happen eventually after he got UC to the CFP in 2021 but it's still a loss nonetheless.

  13. Lol what a terrible take. Keep your trash college football opinions to yourself. You obviously know nothing about UC

  14. I marched in Cincinnati's between 13-18 and while I think we're pretty good, we're hampered a LOT by lack of funding, lack of administrative support, and the fact the band is in weird spot academically being a part of the Department of Student Affairs. Until those are figured out, it limits the growth the band is able to do.

  15. The band seems to get a lot of donations each giving Tuesday which is promising for new and better equipment though

  16. OSU is still the only major sport championship team a lot of Ohio sports fans have seen in their lifetime (Cavs being the lone exception), and the bengals are only a couple years removed from being more miserable.

  17. I’m just having conversation haha - I’m saying despite bengals recent success Ohio fan bases are pretty pessimistic

  18. I mean I know lol. I'm a fan of Cincinnati sports. Hoping for the best and expecting the worst is ingrained in me. Pessimism I'm sports is in our blood.

  19. UC and Xavier because I want Xavier to have a football team again :(

  20. They are reportedly looking into it. Don't know if it'll ever come to fruition though

  21. Loser has to eat Skyline for a month

  22. At the basketball game yesterday one of the students chugged a can of Skyline. Was awesome lol

  23. I’ve always wanted to ask… is Houston’s logo the EXACT same as Kentucky’s but red with an H instead of a K? The print looks identical

  24. Actually they aren't because UH throws in a little thing between the U and the H, a little triangle to just occupy space. Kentucky doesn't.

  25. arizona’s cactus throwback (yes i know it’s used more for basketball but still sexy)

  26. Love Arizona's old cactus logo. So cool

  27. It was for the 100 year celebration of Nippert stadium. Cool in theory but that whole uniform set was just a big miss

  28. When did they wear these? I don’t remember ever seeing them, but now can’t get the image out of my brain

  29. It's hard to say it's a classic "rivalry" but we left about the time it started to heat up. We have classic beef with Cinci because of Huggs, and they're nearby. And they're 3-6 since we played more regularly starting in '02.

  30. You should probably learn how to spell Cincinnati though

  31. Is there an easy way to filter 247's site to sort by average player rating? I'm not seeing it, and on mobile, if that matters.

  32. Yeah we have a small hs class because of the coaching change but the average is actually pretty damn good. Gotten good transfers too

  33. Lol. Love it. The DePaul pitch. So true

  34. The ipf is great and will help but its not like they were outside before that. The bengals used our practice bubble ffs ;) I'm kind of curious what percent of b12 schools have an ipf now

  35. I'm not sure. I know Cunningham and staff went to other Big 12 schools to check theirs out

  36. Maybe I'm optimistic but I agree with you. Also for everyone with the "it'll take a while to adapt with p5 resources" we have better than a lot of the b12 now and are about to break ground on a 100 million practice facility. We got an invite because we have shiny new shit. Theres a whole lot of legacy p5 that love to have our back end infrastructure

  37. People saying we were going to be good or better if Fick must not have watched this season much. Yeah we actually have pretty great facilities outside of no IPF which is coming anyways along with a new nutrition center and weight room

  38. We host west virginia for homecoming this year and close with Houston on campus for what likely will be our space uniform game. I look forward to both series going forward.

  39. Those should be good for y'all. Space games are cool

  40. UC vs UCF should continue to be pretty heated. Something could form with UC and WVU

  41. You definitely need to make the OSU game as it's homecoming. Homecoming is kind of a big deal here.

  42. The schedule seems easier on the backend so I could see you guys finishing strong. Which would be great going into the next year. The 1st year is always going to be hard

  43. Yeah. Starting with OU is rough haha. Y'all are still loaded with talent

  44. I'll tell you once the schedule comes out today and we get some plans ironed out! Think we are going to UC @ Pitt. River City Rivalry renewed

  45. For sure. Never been to Pittsburgh. I assume we'll try to go to at least one big 12 road game. Have to see opponents and dates and see what everyone can swing. Should be a ton of fun. Also have to do a homecoming trip to Alabama and mizzou at some point because two people in the friend group are grads

  46. Yes he did. He did a video interview but didn't make it to the second phase of in-person interviews

  47. Huh... Hadn't heard that. I guess that makes sense, you'd give him a call before scheduling an in person.

  48. He was one of the actual few candidates we knew for sure interviewed. This past coaching search was very hush hush. There was a round of video interviews and then it got narrowed down to people invited for in-person. Other than Hartline there were very few others we knew for sure interviewed (Golesh, linquest, Lewis, Satterfield all had in person interviews). Our AD really wanted prior hc experience which I think cut Hartline out early

  49. We were going to play at Texas. We'll see if that holds true

  50. they aren't changing it.... yet, if I look out my window right now I can see a giant neon TQL Stadium sign at FCC's stadium.

  51. It's not happening dude. Calm down. It would never happen

  52. Or continue to be a child and not listen to reason. Don't know why you want to be so dense. It's not happening dude

  53. Kc native here. The numbers argument makes sense. But it’s just different at arrowhead. Idk how to explain but it doesn’t seem possible sometimes how people can be that.

  54. It was definitely loud and the tailgating scene was fun, went to the game last night

  55. I think that’s what’s throwing me off. The stripes are wonky

  56. Under armor tried to be creative and make a "Cincy stripe" that has triangles in it (supposed to be based of the triangle windows of our athletic center). It's just okay. It's a little busy for a stripe. I do like that they moved the stripe to the side of the pants a few years ago. Looks better and I think the stripe lends itself to side of the leg more than any other position. I do think we have a really great red though. Think we ended up with a better shade than most teams

  57. Just give me the bearcat scratches and call it a day

  58. A lot of fans didn't like the cat scratches surprisingly. I thought they were pretty cool though

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