1. Viaplay (+ Premier Sports) will be the only place to watch NHL in UK.

  2. Full restock throughout most of UK, so better shipping possible for US orders.

  3. How does it offer nothing to the discussion? It offers a perspective of different countries laws and why they’ve been put in place. (This is an example of why US law implemented such changes) I don’t see how that’s nothing bud

  4. No one cares about your perspective, it's not the question that was asked. Always check the subreddit you're on and stay relevant.

  5. Ok so you’re just an ignorant fuck behind a keyboard so enjoy your little boys club then

  6. nope. I meant exactly what I said, knowing it is a colored pressing. You just misunderstood and jumped in with the correction and the insults. You know, because you're an internet tough guy that hasn't quite gone outdoors in a bit too long winky face emoji heart emoji dick emoji.

  7. Yeah you meant exactly what you said but couldn't execute it correctly, in turn you got your joke wrong bro, if you're going to try and be smart, get it right, don't leave yourself looking like a dumbass. Don't project or get insecure about it, man up.

  8. bro. troll harder bro. I meant exactly what I said bro, as I said it bro. I wasn't trying to be smart bro. That was insanely low-brow bro. I'm not insecure at all about it bro. Bro plz.

  9. If the Lady of Shalott would get a penny for every record with her pic, she would be really rich. So many records with this painting, unbelievable. But I like it anyway.

  10. FNAC won't be the only site selling it if it is legit so no need to pull the trigger with them. Hold tight and if this a legit release just jump on it at your preferred store.

  11. Same. I got the liam gallagher one because oasis is my favorite band to the point of owning all their albums, like 20 bootlegs with all the same songs, 1st pressings of first 3 albums, multiple singles and promos. I have so much oasis it's gross. So I had no choice but to get it but i also bought another regular version of the album. And it looked so cool how the flip book affect with the frames actually looked like watching a film.

  12. Uhhh you shop at crappy stores. That's the glory of OGs in the wild vs online. Store prices are not the ones you speak of. Good luck out there

  13. I haven’t heard this bands name since I did promo work for this release, so I’m wildly taken aback seeing this 20 years later!

  14. Yep, because he wasn't vaccined. Don't act like such a triggered bitch.

  15. It's legit, and if you are in doubt, just consider how long is been since he was last active online.

  16. I found out earlier this evening. And I just see someone on this sub has started a post about it too.

  17. He's literally giving money to a cause- that's the opposite of virtue signaling..

  18. Nah bro, jumping on a news article 10mins after it happened and making a big deal out of getting rid or your collection is hardcore virtue signalling.

  19. So you're saying this dude should have sold his collection sooner than the official statement and he would have got even more kudos for virtue signalling in anticipation of the sob story. Glad you're on my side bro.

  20. No if you knew who is was you would know that he is absolutely not my partner. This is a random guy I started fucking this week

  21. Nah, it's just your partner, but keep up the act, some people believe it.

  22. I let him run out of SD as I didn't want to acquire a bounty, chased him to the outskirts of the city, lasso and left on the train tracks. Somewhat satisfying but to convoluted.

  23. Struggling to find anywhere to order this (or any other version) in the UK. I really don't want to pay to ship from the US plus import tax on top

  24. I swear it said 1,000 when I made the post. I remember noting that it was twice the amount of the orange Brooklyn Vegan pressing

  25. I wouldn't even dispute it man, I dare say number got doubled when it sold out and they hoped no one would notice.

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