1. So you read cards but you aren't 100% confident that you can handle them safely? Could I ask if you've had any teachers?

  2. my nana taught me what i know but she recently passed, which is why i'm on this sub. like i said in my post, i have never attempted to use my cards for something like this. it's not my knowledge of the cards that i'm concerned about here, i'm concerned about the safety of reaching out to spirits. i want to know how to reach out in the first place, and what red flags i should be watching for when communicating with them.

  3. Open two separate finder windows, one with the Mods folder already open and one that is your Downloads folder. just drag and drop from one to the other. I was actually shocked how fast and easy it was to use CC on a mac.

  4. Really? That sounds like such a laborious process! Is that just for things that end up in your download folder? Sorry if this is obvious, but what happens if you click the first file, and then shift+click the last file? Does it not select all of them?

  5. i'm not sure! i'll have to try that and see if it works

  6. Don’t worry, I’ve definitely neglected a lot of other things to get the towers unlocked cough shrines cough I probably won’t get around to them any time soon either, I’ve moved on to memory hunting!

  7. I remember playing late one night and my mom told me to go to bed but she let be unlock the Gerudo high (I forgot it’s actual name). Good times

  8. Aww! For a while I had every region unlocked except Akkala because I saw the flying guardians the first time I went and noped right out of there. Felt brave today and finally made my way up! It’s the little victories :-)

  9. i would really love to know how the mind flayer is attached to season one. if the demogorgons are part of a hive mind was the one demogorgon just going rogue the whole season or was it multiple different demogorgons? was the mind flayer aware of everything going on??

  10. s2 ep 2 when the kids are trick or treating and will gets spooked into the upside down and the mind flayer rises up from who knows where. or when he’s in the field and gets possessed. both those scenes gave me such bad anxiety

  11. hi!! does anyone have a spare garden bench diy/ or can make 2 of them for me? i'm looking for some white hyacinths as well :-)

  12. I could give you 6 white hyacinths and craft the benches for you if you have the materials :)

  13. coconut and fig!! everyone says that fig smells or tastes weird but for me it's perfect, and the tint is to die for. i just bought extras of both of those flavours because i love them so much

  14. bronzer, more fruit BDC's like peach, tangerine, melon, and pink and purple sky washes!! i have enough neutral eye products but i don't like green or blue on me so i cant see myself buying any sky washes anytime soon

  15. i guess it kind of depends how long you've been using it. a lot of the time when you use new skin care products, your skin will "purge" itself (basically cause all the gunk from under your skin to lift to the surface which causes breakouts). this is especially true if you're using Solution because the acid in it is supposed to do exactly that. i'd say if you've been using it for a month or longer and it's not working for you then stop using it

  16. i love solution, it was one of my skincare game changers. i'm not sure how often you use it, but try to keep it to 2 times a week, 3 maximum. since it's also winter, you have to make sure your skin is getting enough hydration! otherwise the dry skin with the solution on top is a recipe for disaster. and remember that the product is supposed to bring all your pimples up to the surface, so breakouts every once in a while are normal.

  17. Oh? Do you moisturize before solution then? I usually use the Fresh deep hydrating rose toner which is pretty soothing, and I always use CeraVe moisturizing cream.

  18. no, i moisturize after! i just meant that you should make extra sure you're using enough hydrating products. the cera ve cream is awesome, i use that too!

  19. we have very similar skin tones, have you tried gen g in leo as well? i was looking at buying it but worried it'll be a little too dark!

  20. Nobody is obligated to release her of her responsibilities under the lease. And releasing her of her responsibilities under the lease would require the agreement of all other leaseholders plus the landlord.

  21. Ahaha, she's been particularly nasty to me especially about the whole thing so believe me, I wish I could.

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