1. That’s not a piece of charcoal from the grill???

  2. He is so freaking cute. I’m pretty sure my heart literally melted when he came on the screen lmao

  3. Especially the person who literally cried real tears about it lmao

  4. Dan on the forced break checking indeed for new production jobs 💀

  5. Dan couldn't wrangle a kindergartener and Ethan is borderline mentally challenged.

  6. Apparently Ethan made another bomb comment on the live show so they had to take down the ep, cut it out & re release the ep.. wondering if it’ll still earn a suspension, Dan was noticeably pissed

  7. There really is a point where it turns from it being kind of a funny thing that Ethan got himself banned and to it getting legitimately annoying and unfunny, and I feel like this is that tipping point.

  8. Does keem really not see how truly embarrassing this behavior is ? Sitting in bed watching it live? I wasn’t even 10 minutes in & im a paying member but this man who supposedly hates Ethan is sitting in bed watching it🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. This is just more proof that some shows seriously need to recorded beforehand and edited

  10. Wait what happened???? I was watching live but had to stop to make dinner are they suspended?

  11. Nope they’re not suspended yet, ethan made another bomb joke this time with the Vatican 🤦🏼‍♂️

  12. Eh I’m half & half. It has nothing to do with gabe for me, he’s a sweetheart and I love him lol but the segments make me uncomfortable now like when they go off and try to make gabe talk about sex related topics for like 3 minutes straight and poop fetishes. I kind of tune out those few minutes most of the time.

  13. not on twitter “he ruined your career!” Makes sense lmaooo

  14. His obsession with Ethan should be studied , true mental illness

  15. Darcy. Tory is the worst. And rereading the series only solidified my thoughts on this

  16. My daughter named ours “sheeps”🤣 he looks just like yours

  17. There was a few people who kept commenting about how hila was “obviously sleeping with someone else” under every comment that she looked so bright & happy this ep. Apparently these kids weren’t raised right.

  18. I think elon is on a speed run to see how fast he can burn down Twitter lmao

  19. Are we positive that the fish isn’t deceased ?

  20. This doesn’t change the fact that they have terrible haircuts

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