1. I like to see your dirty things, u can show he while pooping and while pissing, I want to taste your everything.

  2. 1 qt a day of raw milk while pregnant. I got food poisoning from lettuce when i was pregnant, and this lady is downing raw milk 🤢

  3. Ask yourself who they’re supposed to be protecting us from…other men.

  4. It’s the best deconstruction I’ve heard this year. Men love to throw in our faces that we are protected by them. What they’re really saying is that their protection is conditional and can be ended at any time. If we don’t behave the way that they want us to then they don’t protect us anymore. It’s like that scene from it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia. You can Google it it’s called “the implication.”

  5. Having read the update/edit, firstly I’ll echo everyone telling you to go to therapy ASAP. Secondly, it sounds like the issue isn’t just your parents open relationship- it sounds like you spent much of your childhood/teen years feeling neglected or like an afterthought and then finding out about your parents makes you wonder if that was why. Their sex life shouldn’t come before their child in that way- if you’re upset, they shouldn’t be leaving all night on dates. If you’ve just found this huge thing out, they shouldn’t be dismissive of your feelings. They should’ve gotten you into therapy but they didn’t. They weren’t there for you as much as you wish they were, and then you found out why and it was to have sex- that must feel like a frivolity to partake in when your child is suffering.

  6. Listen friend, I get it. I’ve been there- not with liquor but with other things. Your pets need you, your family needs you, and you deserve all the good in the world. You’ve got this. Next year this number will be smaller.

  7. Context- this was a response on a video about a man who shot his two teenaged daughters as punishment for his wife for wanting a divorce. The woman (yellow) commented that this was someone she knew in the video, and our buddy in green chimes in with his question.

  8. No. He shot them in the head before their mother was due to pick them up, and then when she arrived he shot her (she survived) and then I believe killed himself

  9. That, and I think most of them get married for superficial reasons, then find someone who has those superficial qualities but better later.

  10. Also it’s hard to maintain a healthy relationship when you’re spending so much time apart. An actor filming often could be in another country or city for months with few breaks to come home, for example. It’s always rough to be far away from your spouse even if it’s for work.

  11. And it’s not just any old work. Acting is an emotional commitment and there is plenty history of co stars becoming romantically engaged. Plus, they are famous- the hoi polloi are constantly trying to hook up with their hall pass. Takes a devoted man or woman to avoid the temptation. Finally, to become a successful actor often requires a certain amount of narcissism, which never helps building a stable relationship. All in all, I actually give long lasting celebrity couples a lot of credit.

  12. Totally. And you often deal with fans “shipping” you with a costar - so basically everyone is saying you MUST be secretly fucking them for real because “you can’t fake that chemistry” and rumours swirl and fans sometimes actively threaten or hate on your spouse because they want you and costar to get together.

  13. It’s most common for kids to get them because their eggs are often laid in the dirt and kids get dirt under their nails and don’t immediately wash their hands, but adults can get them too especially if they’re licking the genitals of another adult who has them (because at night the worms come out of your bum hole and lay their eggs.) The only thing that has me skeptical here is that usually pinworms are nocturnal so there usually isn’t itching during the day.

  14. Why do I never run into hot and helpful Australian men when I need them? I mean, I live in Canada so that could be part of the problem…but still.

  15. SniperWolf or whatever does that as well. I think unfortunately to make money sometimes we have to make people think that they’re getting something we didn’t want them to see…if I “accidentally” show my panties in a tiktok I’ll get more exposure than if I make a purposely slutty seeming tiktok

  16. I just make a little preview photo on Canva with a couple screenshots from the video and a title, and I send the video with that as the free preview so that anyone who’s already paid for it recognizes it from the screenshots and doesn’t pay twice.

  17. I am speculating, just as you are speculating that she is just “not a kind person” rather than someone who is struggling with her mental health and is trying to affirm her boundaries. We’re all speculating, you’re just doing it in a way that doesn’t give her the benefit of the doubt and I’m doing the opposite

  18. You're doing it wrong and keep avoiding the obvious fact. Almost everyone here that you are being judgmental towards are looking at visual evidence and you're just making a bunch of assumptions so you can talk down to people. I already gave you a perfectly good example of how it could have been rephrased in a positive, helpful, empathetic comment but you ignored it and continued to double-down on your condescending comment.

  19. You personally feel triggered by her response as you feel it was not kind, and you dislike that I also understand her response. I never said it’s how I would have handled it, but no one is perfect. You have no idea what this woman has gone through in her life, and you’re judging her overall personality and level of kindness based on this reaction to a (likely disappointing) moment for her, as she realizes she has to cancel a date she was likely looking forward to, to protect her mental health.

  20. I hate this discourse and I see it all the time on tiktok. “Disabilities are part of who you are and it’s ableist to try to cure them.” Like sure, for stuff that CANNOT be cured, like autism, we should accept people as they are. But I have Tourette’s and I fucking hate it. I would take a cure in an instant. If someone could throw a magic med at me or probe my brain in the right spot or whatever and cure me, I would take it. I dont care if I’m unique this way, or that it’s something that sets me apart- in fact I hate it, having always felt different for other reasons as soon as those things became a nonissue I developed Tourettes like some sort of sick cosmic joke.

  21. He’s very into fitness and goes to the shower every time you guys eat. Those are both signs of an eating disorder when you add in the vomiting. The fact is, when I had bulimia I would turn the shower on so no one could hear me retching.

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