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  1. Check out the rich dad poor dad’s wife’s eyebrows.

  2. JP is such a drama queen. Playing the victim, finding ways to change the narrative, blaming others. And when all else fails, use emotion. He screams red flag.

  3. Oh shut the fuck up. You’ve obviously never heard him talk. Same with the anti joe rogan crowd.

  4. Wife’s SUV engine just blew due to this issue. 1.6T Tucson 2016. The valves broke and were forced into the exhaust, damaging the turbo fins. It’s a total loss.

  5. Atom is a new king in the making. I’ve been dumping whatever I have from time to time in it

  6. 13.5% staking on Binance isn’t bad either.

  7. It is when you can get 19% on Keplr or Cosmostation and have the added bonus of being eligible for airdrops

  8. Not unless their lawyers use your income and tax dollars to legislate away your future income.

  9. Liquid oils, and I do mean all of them, oxidize and trigger an inflammatory process. Fish oils are rancid. Period.

  10. So even cooking oils like olive oil, avocado oil, etc. Are included in the "all" as well then? Just double checking to make sure it's exactly what you mean.

  11. Yes. By nature, polyunsaturated oils (all liquid oils) oxidize as their hydrogens bond with oxygen, and they elicit an inflammatory response upon ingestion. Liquid oils become rancid very readily.

  12. Oh dear lord he’s a discord moderator And NO Age of consent exists for a reason.

  13. Not old enough to have sex.. but old enough to change their sex. Makes sense.

  14. Ok so now we’re both defending pedos and insulting trans people, can you people get any worse?

  15. Walk me through every possibility of how what I said can be interpreted, and tell me why you picked the pedo option.

  16. All alts are risky at this point in time. It will most likely get worse before you're going to see any meaningful switch the upside. I'm personally down 30% on my bag but will be holding til the next bullrun, which I really don't see happening until the USD softens and inflation in general is under control.

  17. I’m thinking it could be 5-10 years. We created a bigger bubble when we bailed our way out of 2009

  18. Except it has changed. Accelerated vesting is mostly behind us (and faster than expected too).

  19. lol and then bring out the box of ballots from under the table at 2am

  20. What Biden administration appointees actually do, universally, is protect bud industry.

  21. I mean, that's literally how math works.

  22. I think that GRT will be a great pick cuz it has pretty much tanked to its bottom but bullish the most on SOL and VLX..Velas esp. cuz their tech is just screaming with bullishness , 1.2 sec finality with a whooping 75kTps, its a no brainer it will come really high..And Solana will come to $500+ levels so thats also a good buy at the current price that is around $30 rn

  23. Found the VELAS team.. “hello fellow children”

  24. The irony is the determination of who can be racist IS power… If white people truly were “in power” then the rule would be “anyone can be racist”

  25. The dude would make the most amazing pickpocket with arms that length. He would pickpocket you from around the corner Go go gadget arms….

  26. I’m thinking Putin is holding massive shorts in the market and is profiting off his insanity.

  27. Meat is low in glycine though. Collagen is pretty much powderized cow hide powder. There are certain proteins like glycine in the skin not found in the meat

  28. We’re currently in “basically a fire sale”… however the historical data That built this chart was during times of cheap fed money.

  29. He’s bigger and leaner than people who juice for a living...

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