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  1. You can’t control A so you will have to keep them away from your house. It’s not your place to decide if they were abused or not and it’s not their place to get involved in arguments with your mom about things that don’t involve them. Just tell them that your situation is complicated enough without them getting involved and you’ll have to hang out somewhere other than your moms house from now on. It sounds like you are all treating each other like therapists rather than friends and that’s unhealthy. Get therapists and y’all need to stay in your lane.

  2. Right. We're in therapy already 😅and i'm hoping my mom doesn't hate them forever

  3. I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 27 ? I don't see an issue but maybe i'm missing something

  4. i have adhd and autism and get this as well! sometimes the music sounds like TOO good and I've started crying before lol

  5. does anyone remember that youtube channel of the dad abusing his kids by doing "pranks" and they were so extreme both parents got arrested

  6. Yes. omg. his videos were fucking disgusting and made me so upset. he took "pranks" way too far to the point where they aren't jokes its literally just child abuse

  7. My first trip i took 500ug and it was really rough. i didn't know how much 500 was, if it was low or high so i stupidly trusted my friend's homemade tabs. Worst mistake of my life

  8. batteries, you cant throw them out in normal trash. or atleast you shouldnt. hoping its this reason and not just to look cool

  9. why can't we throw batteries in the trash. genuine question sorry if i sound dumb

  10. old school batteries leaked acid which is a toxic waste, I don't know about. lithium batteries being toxic waste (wouldn't surprise me if they were) but they are rechargeable

  11. It's a tattoo vets add after they spay or neuter a dog! My aussie girl has a pretty blue tattoo

  12. Why would the parents just let their child destroy a sculpture like that?

  13. i hold my arms close to my body when i'm walking or driving (one hand still on the wheel) or doing stupid shit like cooking. i think it makes me feel safer ?

  14. burn chilis and replace them with chick-fil-a's

  15. I wouldn’t know to be honest haha my nose was throbbing all day and it’s been a couple of weeks now and I still can’t move my nose or it hurts 🥹 she said she was not wanting to pierce my cartilage and taught me about the sweet spot. I’ve never had a piercing so maybe I perceive it as being a lot more painful than it is but I considering it an easy 8/10 for a good 5 seconds

  16. Having pain for that long isn't normal and it definitely shouldn't be hurting after a few weeks. it might have been pierced in the wrong spot. it's possible you just have a very low pain tolerance but when i got mine pierced it didn't hurt much during the piercing process and i had very little pain afterwards.

  17. i didn't want to name mine something generic like Sunset so i changed it up and went with Moonrise

  18. 1.5 thing after the community center or Joja. So kinda like a post game thing

  19. omg ive never met anyone with the same name and spelling as me. Hi!

  20. Brow gel, eyeliner, mascara, concealer and foundation!!!! They go by so quick

  21. hi if this is still open could i possibly get 5 of all the pink flowers. thank you

  22. Check OPs posting history. He talks about hating ghetto blacks and people in Chicago being “ghetto ape drug dealers”. A real charmer, this one.

  23. I know i'm not 100% sober. But if smoking weed keeps me from falling back into addiction then i'm gonna continue to smoke. You're very closed minded if you think weed can't be a medicine to some people.

  24. my character also has my deadname and sometimes i read it and it makes me upset to the point i don't even want to play. it's really heartbreaking cause its my favorite game and there's no way for me to change the name. Nintendo should really do something

  25. I got this exact controller as a gift last year and it's really nice! Definitely worth purchasing!

  26. i don't have recipes i can give you BUT I can craft pretty much any diy furniture if you're interested! Just lmk!

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