1. This is giving me more reason to use lichess. I already use it for puzzles and learning openings but now it’s coming to thisZ

  2. 11 is perfect for me as a student. The slightly smaller size fits more easily in my bag, it's a good size for taking notes on, and just feels easier to use on the tiny classroom desks.

  3. Doesn’t seem like a lot of protection but it does look cool. Neither does it have the flap to prop the iPad up.

  4. People need to realize that what the iPad is (right now) is solely a tablet. It can not work as a daily device. As an engineering student, it is soooo useful using it over paper notes. Don’t get an iPad as a gadget if you don’t need to take notes or draw. It’s so simple.

  5. Tablets were also always for kids to play educational games etc. or during Covid my brother had a iPad for online school for zoom etc

  6. Yea the whole zoom thing is good but imo, children shouldn’t be exposed to iPads at such a young age but that’s just me. I’ve noticed a lot of my cousins (and others) who grew up using iPads turned out spoiled.

  7. 128 gb. I use it to write notes so don’t need a crazy amount

  8. The best thing I ever did was to play through a collection of Capablanca's annotated games. Made me realize how simple chess can be.

  9. Woah, do you have links or anything?

  10. GothamChess posted a free lesson on middle games, I haven’t watched it yet but:

  11. thanks you :D-|--< , will check it out.

  12. Honestly it doesn’t matter what you are called. You are still 700 Elo.

  13. “The regressor who became the best University Student”

  14. I mean it’s against 600s. If it was against let’s say 2000s consistently, then I would find that suspicious

  15. How is nobody mentioning how fucking dirty that screen is :D

  16. Because that isn’t the point of the post

  17. One always great solution to remove your worries is to get a case 🙂

  18. you're exactly the same boat as me. i plan to hit 1500 by 31st Jan

  19. Yooo! You plan your Elo too? I’ve been tryna get 100 Elo per month and so far it’s been a great progress

  20. Hey dude, I've hit my 1500 target way earlier than expected. There's still plenty of hope chess at this level but much less than 1350-1450. I think shifting my mindset from "how can I attack" to "whats the most accurate move in this current position" definitely helps.

  21. And I agree, I’ve been doing that more, and have increased in rating.

  22. Is Waterloo the only uni that has these type of posts

  23. The official pencil is very expensive, though. Specially if you don't live in the US. I have a 3rd party Ali Express one and it's borderline criminal how well it works when it's less than a tenth the price of the apple pencil and has all the same features, like scribble. I feel guilty for using it when others had to spend so much on the real thing.

  24. The 3D effect that it creates is the main reason, it’s more immersive when I watch Apple TV and same for when I listen to Apple Music, it’s like having surround sound with out having an actual surround sound setup.

  25. Neither of which I own. I use Spotify and I think Apple TV sucks. Do I have any uses for it other than these

  26. I mean the same features work with YouTube and I’m going to guess Netflix but I haven’t tried that yet.

  27. Alright. I think it’s an interesting gimmick, nothing serious but cool

  28. Honestly I think the portability of the MX4’s are better and also they have very similar specs for a cheaper price. Can’t go wrong with them or the MX3s

  29. Get a case, warranty, screen protector and you should be all good. And Apple Pencil

  30. Your dog has such a guilty face

  31. Anime is Japanese cartoons. Was it made and aired in Japan? No. Is it an anime? No. Does it feel like an anime because it was inspired by anime? Yes.

  32. It’s actually bad that I watched this when I was young 💀. In like grade 4-5.

  33. Whatever you want sir. If you want to try and find it, press X to locate it using the find my app. If you want to replace it, press O to replace it on apple. If you want to move on, press triangle.

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