1. NDA und lauf, lauf so schnell du kannst.

  2. Merkt euch, die Telekom (oder Vodafone) schickt schon niemanden wenn ihr ein echtes Problem habt.

  3. Es kommt drauf an. Es gibt auch echte Telekom Mitarbeiter die bei Glasfaser oder anderen Dingen vorbei kommen.

  4. Ranger!!! Die gehen echt immer noch mit der alten Masche vor die Tür. Unfassbar.

  5. Wer es kaufen möchte, soll es kaufen, wer nicht, der nicht.

  6. Ein Spielt finanziert von russischen Oligarchen, dem russischen Staat und welches angeblich User Daten für den FSB sammelt.

  7. delete nv_cache seems to help.

  8. i wear a One Piece (The Manga/Anime) Shirt Sometimes when i go out. It's one with the Strawhats Jollyroger and people approach me all the time and even hug me and then show me their One Piece Stuff and we talk about the show.

  9. Idk, but to me until the stupid Thriller Bark scene that is essentially regular Sanji anyway, so I don't really see them changing much in that regard and that's not even what I mean.

  10. You know that Actors Act the Roles they are playing and are mostly not playing themselves right?

  11. If this is the kind of food you order online I think you deserve to pay the surcharge.

  12. Yeah, why even go to Restaurants. We can all cook at home!

  13. Me and my mate are nearly finishing Tier 3 but we can't do the 200k one for the love of money (literally), how did you do the 200k cash objective? There's only 2 of us btw

  14. Kill other players and steal their Money. :)

  15. QTEs. Gott sei Dank werden die im Resident Evil 4 Remake abgeschafft!

  16. I’m talking out my ass because I actually read one piece and not just skim it? Sure buddy, whatever you say.

  17. You're talking out of your ass because you talk about arlong being sympathic in the Live Action TB show because they cast a Black Actor to play him. You're making things up just because your think a Black Person can't be cast as an evil villain but must be by default playing a sympathic one. Just because he's black!?

  18. This is an American live action adaptation of an anime specifically being done by netflix. It’s not far fetched to fear what type of bs pandering they may try to add into the story. If you want to call that racism whatever, but that doesn’t mean my very real fear of them trying to change his character is me talking out my ass. P.s I’m not white nor do I have anything against a black person playing a villain. We’ll just have to wait and see if they keep him as the villain that he is or if they’ll try to make him seem even remotely sympathetic.

  19. Now you're talking like an adult.

  20. It wasn't clear at all. If mission progress is going to be "refreshed", then it was logical to assume that the rewards given for completing said missions would be reset as well.

  21. so it's logical to assume that also all the Mission rewards like weapon blueprints, xp and skins would get reset? Your Logic doesn't work.

  22. The whole idea of resetting missions doesn't work. But the difference is that blueprints, skins and XP are MW2-wide, whereas insured slots are DMZ-specific, and we already know that they are whipping everyone's keys and contraband weapons. Their wording strongly suggested that they wanted to reset back to zero every single thing that was DMZ-specific.

  23. Nope, their wording didn't suggest any of that. They were specifically saying that Mission would be refreshed which makes sense with a new map added. Because they need to add new Missions and also they want to balance some Missions.

  24. Ich hab Warzone 1 echt viel gespielt aber für mich ist die Luft einfach raus. Spiele ausschließlich nur noch DMZ. Das macht mir als fast 40 Jahre alter Gamer einfach viel mehr Spaß.

  25. I assume this only work with PC/laptop on the desk? I currently have my gaming PC on the floor (on a small 3” stand) so it would have power cables as well as hdmi/dp cords that would hang loose to accommodate the movement. May need to see if I can somehow fit my PC on the desk.

  26. You could also install a under desk PC holder and it would also work.

  27. Trant sollte Game Two übernehmen und alles alleine machen. Die Welt braucht mehr Trant.

  28. I only got the digital PS5, so I'm assuming once I transfer everything over it'll then see it and allow me to download the DLC. Thank you!

  29. You need a "Key" for a Free download or else everybody could borrow a disc from a friend and install the Game on PS4 once and then and just Download play it on PS5.

  30. What? Bringing your own Drinks into a Restaurants isn't normal anywhere in the World as far as i know.

  31. i need the crane key. Pleeeeease....

  32. There's a sniper.on the roof behind you! Get Down!

  33. Ah fuck you, take my upvote!

  34. You know what would be great?

  35. you should finish the Game first before coming to a conclusion! :)

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