1. I've spent like $50 on this game over the past year and I'm in the top 10 for PvP and PvE for my server. I think these new 600 IW's are fine. It might seem overwhelming at first just like the Artifact Museum but I think it will get smoothed over time with new additions to the game. I'm also a fan of "maining" heroes and pumping them to the max so they got me hooked on that for the 600 upgrades lol.

  2. Been playing 3 months and spent probably about $400. And I still feel weak...

  3. This is true. I wouldn't pick any of them until u have a muse unlocked. They're all the same value

  4. I turned emergency alert off on my phone from receiving it everybody around me has their phone going off of mine silent my pocket. Guess I still have to hear that s*** regardless.

  5. Archimedes, Odin, Apollo should be your 3 mains. Archimedes is just straight up busted.

  6. You been playing a year and Investing in Nuwa was a mistake in my opinion. If you have Apollo, Odion or Archimedes, but Especially Archimedes focus on Tiering up and leveling at all aspects asap.

  7. Oh my, felt dread reading all through this. I've been playing for a month or so now and looking at this have really fucked up as far as antiques go and heroes.

  8. If we MUST look at this every day please don't also make us click on the top button to make the exclamation mark go away. That would make it so much less annoying.

  9. "I'm trying to pay" = "I'm hoping to take advantage of someone"

  10. Perhaps it's time that we rethink our priorities? Are all of these quick service restaurants so important that we need to bring in workers from half way across the world? Maybe it's just time to let some of these franchises fail?

  11. It's not their importance we need to question, it's why these jobs can't sustain a Canadian like they could 20 years ago.

  12. Absolutely bullshit. They make tens of millions in profit. Quit watching Fox News. It's about livable wage, not whether we can sustain the wage. Quit your crap. They want lowest acceptable wage employees. Quit being stupid.

  13. Of course it's important. They want to pay the most minimum wage and no Canadian is willing to not only work it but also continue giving them patronage. I stopped going to Tim Hortons a long time ago because they are a shit company, yet y'all keep going and everytime I pass one there is a line up out the door. I do nothing but cringe to see everyone wait in line to pay for overpriced shitty coffee, stale donuts and borderline consumable breakfast wraps made by a Vietnamese who half the time gets the order wrong in the first place.

  14. I'm not talking one enemy. I'm talking 2-3 in one instance. Sometimes 4-5 depending on the situation.

  15. yeah funny things happen like that at low deficits, like shemira counting as a carry n whatnot

  16. Shemera sucks. She was nerfed in patches. Kalene is basically Shemera but with an insanely powerful ultimate.

  17. What's your main team? Considering your heroes, I would recommend for now: Odin, Izanami, Idun, Murasaki and Lucifer. But if it's f2P, Susanoo or Freyja can be more economical options for the team.

  18. I usually mix it up depending on what I'm against thanks for the recommendation I'll try it out..

  19. You're Welcome. And when possible, could you inform the result of the combination? This would help other players when composing their teams.

  20. I passed more levels with your help. Wish I recorded and screenshotted result but it's to late for that. When I go at it again I'll make sure to video record and screen it bud. Thanks.

  21. Wish i was his friend on Fb. I would send him stuff all day!

  22. I'd advertise to my entire friends list and beyond to many other social communities that I have a friend who could really use a cheering up this Valentine's and to simply if you can just send him a Valentine's message along with a link to his FB page. 😃

  23. What's your main team? I would try to use: Odin, Izanami, Idun, Murasaki and Faust.

  24. İnvest on murasaki and use her with the new hero and you can clear until 21. Chapter

  25. I pulled both the UR and SSR I picked in the astro of fate my first try using it and thought that was lucky, but this is insane luck lol.

  26. Coca-Cola, Gap, and McDonald’s are the ultimate trio of logos that shall never be touched.

  27. Aren't they just now having their 100 year celebration lmao?

  28. Was there a lifted Dodge Ram nearby?

  29. With only one dps it is difficult to take down some bosses. In this case, I recommend Dionysus, a healer and three dps. If you need more defense, replace a dps with a tank.

  30. It's called inflation.... 586 back then was like what $900 plus is now.

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