1. I've never really thought about it, but it seems like an OTB tournament has a lot of potential for spreading illness (not just COVID ... also the cold, flu, strep, etc).

  2. Technically a victory over a ranked team!!!!!

  3. So white underpromoted to a bishop ;)

  4. I couldn’t walk for about a year after being circumcised. But other than that, no issues.

  5. Yeah - I didn't talk to my parents for a year after it happened!

  6. I thought UNC didn't play until later tonight.

  7. How long has the last minute taken? It feels like an eternity.

  8. In football a forcible blow to the head or neck of a defenseless player is an ejection. How in the world can there ever be a play that is an ejection when someone is wearing all manner of protective gear, but ho hum when you're wearing shorts and a t-shirt?

  9. Throwing haymakers? I don't know what you can do more than elbowing someone in the throat. That could send someone to the hospital.

  10. I want chaos - let's geaux Tigers!

  11. The top 4 are 0-2 so far? Ouch.

  12. Your qb is the only reason youre in the game. Why are you not giving it to him with the game on the line for a sneak/pass???? Tcu deserves the loss after 2 straight runs up the middle which havent worked all game

  13. Did you see the way the center got pushed back like 2 yards? There is no way a sneak was going to work.

  14. "d365" is several different products - CRM, F&O, and BC. (And within CRM, that's really subdivided into a number of different products.)

  15. You need to say what product you are using. Business Central has shortcut dimension codes for purchase invoices that can be configured per customer.

  16. Question: What strategy would you use, if you were playing as white, to finish the game?

  17. I'm up a piece, so my goal was to bring the king over and force a trade of my knight for the bishop, then use my queenside majority to promote.

  18. You can click “show moves” and it will show the line.

  19. I did. It got even more bizarre - they didn't even have the king take the bishop and just left it hanging there for several moves. This was their "show moves":

  20. The concept of selling food from your home/apartment is called "cottage food". Laws vary from state to state and even within a particular state, ordinances vary from locality to locality.

  21. Interesting. This was in Washington state, which according to that website is only one of two states with an “F” rating for cottage food regulations.

  22. I would guess that most likely they are doing it illegally then and one call to the local health department would get it shut down. (Completely up to you whether you care and want to report it. Their kitchen is not being inspected to verify that they are practicing food safety and not risking harming people. On the other hand, there's always the "mind your own business" philosophy.)

  23. You should be more concerned about the $750/week your parents give you and how that is factored beyond the annual gift tax exemption.

  24. That's a problem for the parents.

  25. It's not income - it's either a loan (unlikely) or a gift (more likely).

  26. It seems like they are using "as the bird flies" miles sometimes. But since dashers are unlikely to drive flying cars (Back to the Future lied to us), that isn't helpful information.

  27. You gotta be mad cute for bro to go magnum pi on you and find your insta 🤣 👀 can I get your insta 🤣 I'm jp

  28. Or just have an uncommon name ...

  29. A study found that 73% of Americans have an excel fetish.

  30. Count me in that group. I have EVERYTHING in Excel

  31. If you have an erection that lasts longer than four hours ...

  32. Because it's a story of someone getting screwed?

  33. All those laid-off employees are probably regretting voting for FJB now.

  34. One thing that is 100% consistent regardless of who the President is: the little guy gets screwed. That's the case whether the President is the crazy old guy or ... the other crazy old guy.

  35. I don't know how much to read into that.

  36. It's a credit on your account, and will not disappear. This is how they avoid refunding people, so instead your money gets turned into a glorified DD giftcard.

  37. Yep. Incredibly annoying for people who might use DoorDash once every few months. Non-issue for people you use DoorDash multiple times a week.

  38. What you're describing is the first step in what is called "wheeling". Some people will sell puts until they get assigned, then calls until they get assigned, then puts until they get assigned, then calls until they get assigned, etc, forever until they get bored.

  39. Yay! Virginia Tech received a vote!

  40. This matchup hurt my brain, geographically speaking. I didn't even think you could get to Minnesota from Blacksburg.

  41. Technically you only had to get to Blacksburg from Minnesota. I'm sure that ideally the Minnesota players would like to be able to return home, but that's not a requirement to play the game.

  42. This is impressive. I feel like it takes effort to be that wrong.

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