3. Thanks. Anyone got any links to the Redbar Scarsclub episodes?

  4. I’ve made 4 separate purchases, and none of them have worked. Kinda fucking annoying.

  5. Yeah, I've tried six bags of different sizes (from different grocery stores/gas stations) with absolutely NO luck...

  6. I haven't had any trouble redeeming the few Rockstar codes I've gotten, but I'm not getting the emails back yet

  7. That is fresh! I really like how aged it is, makes it look like some kind of distressed logo

  8. I can’t listen to the whole thing . Where is the ICP part ?

  9. I've never had kiwi-strawberry. Sounds amazing

  10. I'm currently homeless and have no money. Any prayers for help would be appreciated

  11. I pray that God provides you with everything you need, especially a new home. May He grant you financial opportunities. God bless you! Amen!

  12. Thank you, I really appreciate that. God bless

  13. Imagine if Young Wicked was still on Psychopathic. You just know he'd be on the chorus

  14. Message me whoever wants a download link, cause if I try to post the mega link it won't be viewable.

  15. Thanks again ninja! I'm looking through them now, and I'm surprised how many I'm seeing for the first time!

  16. I saw it yesterday and claimed it. but none of the perks showed up in game yet. I'm hoping its just delayed and will be added in the coming days.

  17. I'm having the same issue... I've restarted the game, deleted and re-installed the game, still no skins, boost, etc. I'm also hoping they'll pop up soon (maybe after a small update?)

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