1. She’s the prime celebrity for this ID, but apparently has too much vertical to be one (according to this rebel expert) and we should look more into actual SNs, such as completely uncontroversial and commonly agreed upon SN, Florence Pugh.

  2. Agreed. The whole confusion wave that comes with people getting typed by complete strangers… I’m over it! And if anyone has a slightly different opinion than the norm answers (we all know the usual types people just throw out there lol) then it’s a tragedy

  3. I don't like any of the big "Kibbe-tubers", as they all seem to completely misunderstand the system. This is especially baffling to me because it would take so little effort to do their due diligence. I mean, there's a whole FB group specifically to help women understand Kibbe's system-the least they could do is join. That would be like if I decided to make videos on Charles Dickens, but just refused to open a book and instead based my commentary on a bunch of D- High school essays.

  4. Omg thank you!! I just watched the video they made about Width and it really explains it in such a good way with verified examples and no harmful stereotypes or misinformation (as far as I can tell). I just subscribed to her and I’m so glad to have found a video creator that seems to be educated about a lot of the common stereotypes and that actually has easy and entertaining content, so again, thank you💞

  5. Oof I actually haven’t seen those videos yet but good to know! I’m sorry but…Hendricks is so far from being R, that’s wild 🤣 damn you can’t trust no one..well you can trust your own eyes I guess lol. Yeah Jennifer Lawrence I was trying to squish into my head being SN, I’m SN but something seemed off, she looks more elongated I think so def FN.

  6. Same!! It was really fun in the beginning to learn about Kibbe in video format and to just feel like you can trust that person that has a platform and who seems very knowledgeable or an “expert” and not have to be weary of constant misinformation😩

  7. I chose not to use some that I saved cuz I wasn’t sure of copyright 😂. But yea I found a lot! This one

  8. Omg😩 Looking at some of these pictures (especially that last one you linked), I actually see what Kibbe had in mind when he described SNs essence as “appealingly innocent”…because even though most of her work has a “sexy” and sensual feel to it, she also manages to look “cute” at the same time.

  9. Right??? She is absolutely adorable but not in the same way her sister was. I think even in old age she still has some of that innocence to her face

  10. That’s not really what width necessarily is, as it’s more about the upper body in comparison to the lower body and how that factors in when dressing (if you need it as one of your main accommodation needs). Other IDs can also have what you described as width, but the difference mainly is about if you need the width accommodation or not.

  11. I didn't say that. It's not a rigid definition of what Kibbe width is. It's a pointer towards understanding the concept.

  12. I don’t like the rampant use of the downvote button on this sub, and it changes constantly based on who’s “winning” the argument and whether or not they’re already downvoted, and if they are, then they’ll just keep getting downvoted to oblivion despite being right, being curious and/or having a slightly different approach.

  13. Kibbe has reiterated that his system is strictly 2D, meaning his clothing recommendations are specifically meant for the front view. This has garnered some criticism as some are confused how/why the backside curves aren’t taken into account, especially when it can affect dressing.

  14. I agree that the system needs an updated 21st century view on clothing and that the recommendations definitely need to take into account that the average woman would benefit and understand how to dress a lot better, if the clothing examples were more “relatable” to everyday life rather than the red carpet. His new book will hopefully explore a more modern approach to style and this system and it’ll be exciting to see what things we saw as Kibbe facts/truths were actually “wrong” lmao.

  15. I thought I was pure dramatic but then i read "Destined to remain great children all their lives" lol so what now

  16. I know, I just worded that poorly. I meant the woman in question very obviously did not need to accommodate vertical (regardless of her height)

  17. I haven’t seen her non-celebrity typing posts and don’t even know where to find them lol, but I could def see that happening

  18. This woman posted in one of the Kibbe groups (not SK) herself wondering why certain things didn't work for her. I wonder 💀

  19. You’re not supposed to hyper focus on a single body part and instead look at the body holistically, aka. look at your own proportions in comparison with each other and also try to not hone in too much on just one body part. Each ID in Kibbe has different body shapes in just one ID, and you’ll find that there’s a lot of variety; So much so that many people are confused as to how two verified people who have very different body shapes are in the same ID family. The answer to that is that Kibbe prioritizes dressing accommodations and this is essentially the most defining factor in your Kibbe ID, and not just your shoulders. Also, here are celebrities with arguably “wide” shoulders who aren’t naturals, but who would’ve been put in that category had we singled out their shoulders and typed them based on that:

  20. Oh I didn't know that, maybe her's is just not that noticeable?

  21. Whaaat? I used to try and hide mine so much! Why did I not notice this before? Thank you for sharing these photos.

  22. You’re welcome!! And they used to bother me too but I like to remember how we didn’t even have the concept of hip dips before this century and that they weren’t really an insecurity before they were made up to be one on a random day. Suddenly we had to get rid of our hipdips by buying padding and watching YT videos (with ads) on how to get rid of them when women before us never even payed too much thought to the concept of “hip dips”.

  23. Not the same jeans, not the same photo angle or pose and both of their IDs are unconfirmed…what are we looking at here

  24. as a Soft Natural, i know this is satire but FUCK i love these ugly ass parachute pants id eat that shit up

  25. There’s always a SN in the comments going, “hey, I know you guys are clowning tf out of this piece, but idk🤔 I think I’d rock this and I’m a SN🤩🤩🤩”

  26. It already has waist definition and width accommodation with the open neckline so you can style it however you want (with jeans being the most obvious choice IMO). It fits very nicely within the SN clothing accommodations and I personally own different versions of these form fitting tops (not skims though lmao ) as they are so easy to style and I don’t have to worry about accommodating curves either because the top automatically will give that affect. Open necklines for width accommodation in tops like these is harder to find in my experience, and I sometimes find that I have to choose/prioritize either width or curve, with curve not only being easier to accommodate when dressing but also being the biggest difference between me looking like a shapeless blob vs. slightly constricted but still presentable.

  27. Nice post idea and cool outfits! I just feel like Gigi is the only FN, don't you think the others look much shorter? Also I think personally I wouldn't look like them wearing their outfits and I am FN.

  28. There’s no lower height limit for FNs. Sarah Jessica Parker (5”3) and Amy Adams (5”4) for example are shorter FNs.

  29. Can’t wear them as a Dramatic, obviously. The cuffs totally work agains my vertical line.

  30. So sad. Guess you’re stuck wearing long sheets of black structured fabric while we naturals have a blast with all the sweatsuit options🤩

  31. I think the og post OP was genuinely clueless. This post feels too much directed to one person for my taste.

  32. I agree that they didn’t have bad intentions with the post and that’s why I didn’t interact/comment on the actual post because I got that their intentions were genuine. Still, the actual pants in question genuinely look like cheap pajamas and they wouldn’t look good on most IDs🥸 There’s also always someone saying that if there’s ONE ID that’s able to pull off insert ugly clothing piece, it’s SN!

  33. But she’s so curvy though? Her shoulders aren’t even broad either and she has a prominent hourglass shape, which we obviously know means that she’s pure R because that’s the only ID that’s able to be curvy and sexy!

  34. But she’s so curvy though? Her shoulders aren’t even broad either and she has a prominent hourglass shape, which we obviously know means that she’s pure R because that’s the only ID that’s able to be curvy and sexy!

  35. Bruh what-. Also you can be yang and curvy 😭 just not with kibbe curve at times

  36. Curves are beautiful us curvy girls really need that positivity after tens of years of skinny tall models being the ideal

  37. Lmao this comment is an example of why FNs (and mostly yang dominant IDs) get treated like shit in Kibbe while yin is put on a pedestal💀

  38. Im wedding dress shopping!!!! I know these styles are generally reserved for the Romantic family, but im not as into the flowy/boho dresses that I always see recommended for SN.

  39. Although it’s kinda sad lol, Pinterest isn’t the best place to find SN (or generally natural family) clothing inspiration, as it’s riddled with stereotypes, misinformation and only one or two specific styles (boho being one of ‘em ofc) that gets presented as SN recommendations. The styles above fit very nicely with the SN width + curve recommendations, as they all have open necklines that allow for width accommodation, in addition to having waist definition in the waist area that takes care of the curve accommodation.

  40. Omg thank you so much for that! I definitely need to avoid getting my info from pintrest, then🤣🤣 it is very stereotyping and limiting.

  41. It's shocking to me how people are saying R for her because I always thought she was FN!

  42. I think she looks moderate and soft. So perhaps Soft Classic, or a smaller SN in not quite the right colors?

  43. “Smaller SN” lol…Why clarify that she could be a “smaller” SN when even the “regular” (non-she hulk stereotype) SNs also fit into the description of moderate and soft?

  44. I see it was a vague wording of me there. It wasn’t mean as “she’s SN because she’s smaller”, but rather below the upper height limit for SN. I’m biased to think one should be close to 5’6 to ideally be easier to type as SN. Lower heights makes things more confusing in the learning process

  45. Thank you for clarifying what you meant, because I understood it as you implying that between SCs and SNs (both IDs that are moderate+soft), SN is usually “bigger” so you felt the need to clarify that she’s smaller than the average SN. I’ve seen many people have this attitude/suggest that the average SN is “bigger” than a moderate ID like SC, even though both don’t accommodate petite and have moderate vertical and one isn’t described as bigger or smaller than the other, but the attitude is more negative towards SNs.

  46. What gives you the yin bias vibe? I don’t watch her content so I’m curious

  47. The “positive” descriptions she uses for yin types contrast with how she describes yang dominant IDs. The adjectives she uses for yin IDs are for example “feminine”, “cute”, “sexy”, “alluring”, “rare” etc, meanwhile for yang IDs the “compliments” become more sparse and the adjectives used to describe the IDs have more negative connotations if we view them in relation to women’s beauty standards today. Descriptions such as “dry”, “common”, “average”, “masculine”, “straight up and down” etc. are used to describe yang dominant IDs, while again, more “positive” descriptions, specifically also relating to body shapes, such as “voluptuous, “curvy”, “hourglass” are mostly reserved for yin IDs even though every single ID will have those with more “straight” figures and more hourglass and/or curvy figures.

  48. You are beautiful. I’m very confused though because I’m definitely an SN and I look nothing like this. I have no vertical at all, very blunt.

  49. As OP said, not every SN is gonna look like like another, just like with how Marilyn Monroe for example is the Celebrity icon for Rs but you also have verified Rs like Madonna and Emma Samms who have different body types. I have a similar body type to OP and I don’t really see myself represented in most SN discourse, so I’m very glad to see a SN with a similar vibe and fashion preference (non-boho, oversized tents lol).

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