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  1. It’s because you aren’t allowed to have non-consumables embedded in food in the US. So yeah, choking hazard.

  2. Wait how the fuck have we been doing 3 kings day cakes then? The whole bit is that they have a plastic baby Jesus in them.

  3. Ok I have no idea what this is so can’t help you! I’m guessing kind of like the coin in a Christmas pudding?

  4. You can buy them. It’s a Latin American thing, whoever’s slice has Jesus in it needs to host the next party.

  5. School choice? Yes. If your local school is crappy and your kid isn’t doing well there, they should be able to go to another school in your district.

  6. The thing is that typically it’s districts as a whole that are crappy more so than schools. For example LAUSD is a pretty shit district. But for the millions of kids living in Los Angeles it’s the only option. Even if a a school in a better district like South Pasadena Unified School District is as close or even closer than the nearest LAUSD school, that district is inaccessible to those students. This happened in my own life. My parents wanted me to have a quality education that matched my capabilities so they had to pay to send me to private school despite the fact that there was a good public school 5 minutes away because technically that was a different district

  7. An increase of competition always benefits the end consumer, in this case the students, as competing means that each provider has to improve to outdo the other. Private school does exist but doesn’t really offer competition as the ones who use them are primarily the wealthy and the academically gifted. Both groups are far too small to actually shake up the market so charter exists as a competitive option that the more average student can utilize.

  8. You know why other countries don't have active shooter drills? It's either because they aren't really capable of holding them (3rd world countries mainly), or in 1st world countries' case, they change regulations. USA seems to be the only exception there.

  9. The US is also the only one that guarantees firearm ownership as a right.

  10. Exactly! Bingo. Ding ding ding ding ding. Second amendment is the difference.

  11. Yup and we’re not letting you get rid of it so why don’t we focus on the root causes instead of the methods.

  12. None of his actions that night were inherently immoral. Simply publicly carrying a weapon is not an immoral act nor should it be criminalized. Defending his own life with deadly force is not an immoral act and should not be a crime. None of what he did that night should be a crime.

  13. I just don’t see which of his actions, that night specifically, were inherently immoral to the point where they should be illegal

  14. Setting up a defensive position with toilet gun in hand is the only true way

  15. Disagree, the Imperium gets the most lore because it's the simplest to write.

  16. How would one even write a compelling war story about a hive fleet.

  17. Which is really superficial because most characters are despite race still essentially "human, but blue/tall/green and bri'ish/short/.../"

  18. Aside from the Tau, most other races are very alien in their behaviors in ways that makes them distinct from any human society

  19. The irs is not capitalism, is like mini socialism that everyone just accepts as necessary, and it is.

  20. He does also dislike industrialization but communist societies did that in spades so that’s not inherently anti capitalist. He’s basically just so conservative that he longs for a period prior to the Industrial Revolution

  21. You might like to familiarize yourself with the dragon as an archetypical representation of extreme wealth hoarding

  22. Not liking excessive greed =/= being anti capitalist.

  23. Pretty much. We like hockey, a different version of football and curling and yous guys likes your version of the footballs, baseball and NASCAR. American politics are also substantially crazier. After that, not much difference TBH aside from regional cultures.

  24. America’s political system is also a lot more decentralized with power being much more concentrated in Ottawa for Canada than it is for DC in the US

  25. She does have a way with her voice imo. The odd thing is, apparently that's not what her fans love her for. In addition to that, I concur with the dude above me who said her brother is the real deal. His vision made all this possible.

  26. What made her popular was definitely the depressed moody high school vibe which sucks because her vocal talents are downright astounding

  27. I wish she'd be able to show off the vocal talents more than the usual whisper on songs. The last segment of "Happier Than Ever" really impressed me.

  28. Yeah, she sung a rendition of Sally’s song from Nightmare before Christmas live one time, her voice was haunting in the most beautiful way possible

  29. It mentions a gun. That's all that matters. I got into an extremely heated argument at work because they sent us a similar list and said terms like black hat and white hat (I work in IT) were unacceptable because they were racist and taught that black is bad and white is good. I pointed out that the origin of these terms is literally old westerns where the bad guy wore a black hat and the good guy wore a white hat. Had nothing to do with race. Was then told the origin didn't matter.

  30. Not to mention that those two colors speak to ancient concepts of darkness and light, light being good since it lets us see and dark being bad since scary things can exist in the dark. It’s color coding that goes back thousands of years and have nothing to do with race.

  31. Most hospitals don’t deliver mental healthcare, so your point is a bit of a non-sequiter.

  32. I don’t see how “more licenses” would be implemented. If you pursue a license you can get one.

  33. Don’t psychiatrist licenses operate the same way physicians do, with a limited number of spots per year? Or am I confusing licenses and certifications?

  34. I’m not entirely certain on psychiatry however the bulk of mental health care isn’t done by psychiatrists, it’s done by therapists and clinical psychologists. And as far as I’m aware they can be licensed more regularly.

  35. I unironically know a guy who started as custodian, then worked in the parts bay organizing, then started wrenching on the machines we were building, then started wiring the machines, and finally came to his boss with examples of the code he was writing at home, and was promoted to software engineer.

  36. Basically you need to develop marketable skills in order to move up. Which sounds totally fair.

  37. Keeping track of your income and expenses and ensure you have more coming in than going out. Basically budgeting. It was also a way to keep track of the amount in your account before online banking.

  38. I’ve been studying a bit of the origins of magic and something interesting is that “magic” pretty much always means “that other guy doing something weird”. Example: Jesus turning water to wine? That’s a miracle. Haitian people praying to voodoo gods for power against France? Nope that’s magic.

  39. Basically the idea is that if it isn’t a miracle from God, then it’s magic from a demon/the devil and that’s bad.

  40. That's a part of my Christian religion that I never really understood.

  41. It varies from person to person but a common view is that we shouldn’t be trivializing, imitating, or glorifying these rituals, and they believe that d&d does that

  42. Basically Lennon was the original champagne socialist, someone who claims to want socialism but lives the lifestyle of a decadent capitalist. UC Berkeley being a prestigious university in the California Bay Area, a notoriously wealthy and left leaning area, typically enrolls similar people.

  43. John Steinbeck was complaining about champagne socialists in the 1930s and it’s probably way older than that

  44. Yeah fair probably shouldn’t have said original. Hell technically Marx himself was a champagne socialist, mooching off of his rich parents and rich best friend.

  45. Primaris makes no sense. In lore or in game mechanics

  46. I mean they make sense fine enough, took the smartest scientist in the whole imperium 10,000 years just to make a minor upgrade to the space marine formula. Besides, Astartes were never the perfect pinnacle of a soldier, it’s not like Cawl updated the custodes

  47. The firstborn marines have centuries, sometimes millennia, of experience over their primaris counterparts

  48. It's mostly that the 1911 was effectively the best gun widely available in the US until wonder nines started ramping up in the 80s, and that culturally carried along with the old hats. Some older guys still think it's the bestest, so a lot of younger guys just dunk on it because there are generally better options available.

  49. That being said, all it took to once again compete with and in some areas outperform the wonder 9s was a double stack magazine and 9mm ammunition. The wonder 9s are still more cost effective than a 2011 since a good 2011 will cost a pretty penny. But still, to be able to compete with and beat many wonder 9s with just a few minute changes is a testament to browning’s genius

  50. Were there only 2 Phase 4 movies? Because that would explain it.

  51. Nothing makes me appreciate the MCU like watching something else in the genre like say most DC movies. The Batman actually made me angry they had tricked me into wasting 3 hours seeing it. Whereas even the latest MCU movies are entertaining, functioning movies. Beginnings, middles, ends. Characters doing plots. Just a basic level of competency in film making that we take for granted with the MCU.

  52. True, kinda wish it was both him and his roommate teaching kids at the end

  53. It was, his roommate taught the class for younger kids at the end

  54. It’s like these people never had Gharidellis or Sees

  55. I know this is supposed to be bad ideas and make no mistake THIS is a bad idea.

  56. That’s literally just Gundam build fighters with higher stakes and I love it

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