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  1. This ball less twat. His wife has more man inches than he does.

  2. What kind of moron puts Christian fanatics in the Supreme Court?

  3. This team is a circus… as a lifelong fan it’s actually exhausting.

  4. Average IQ of Georgia will get a bump up.

  5. A replica of the Casa Bonita fountain.

  6. But made with Sam’s choice bricks.

  7. Agreed, but my chimp like brain is lighting up like a Christmas tree with excitement seeing big rock roll down big hill.

  8. Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?

  9. It’s a kid rock family revival picnic.

  10. imagine having your fate decided by the same process as a game of bingo

  11. I’m sure they weighted a few down as well.

  12. Because she’s batshit it drops her down to a 4.

  13. True. But let me counter with this. She's batshit. That has its upsides too

  14. why in god's name would you be prescribed a rectal dilator

  15. Probably to get the cocaine they’d prescribe with the dilator.

  16. That’s not the state of Michigan that’s a boat

  17. For the low price of thousands of dollars a year

  18. Horse ain't that dead yet. He still has 4 pending cases...

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