1. On January 28, 2019, the Kings acquired Carl Grundstrom, Sean Durzi, and a first round pick (Tobias Bjornfot) from Toronto for Jake Muzzin. Grundstrom has 46 points in 166 games, Durzi has 53 points in 112 games, and Bjornfot has 15 points in 112 games.

  2. Loved the Muzzman. This trade has worked out phenomenally for us. Unfortunate Muzzins career is where it's at right now.

  3. Jerry Roseburg was a "1st time" head coach for two games. One of which we almost beat the #1 seed in the AFC and hushed all the Russ haters.

  4. When you realize Canada's entire food supply is basically controlled by 4 companies

  5. Loblaws umbrella, Sobeys (Empire company), Wal-Mart, Metro, Costco, various farmer markets.

  6. Someone was filming it on a Nokia, dunno where it is

  7. The "woke". Not woke people, just the woke.

  8. Tall boy is just under 500ml. So 4 tall boy cans of beer is almost two litres. I would hazard a guess that the pop is better for you than beer at equal quantities.

  9. I love how he seems to be unaware of the fact that they also recommend not drinking that much pop. And that their health recommendations are not mandates where they're going to come into your home and prevent you from doing it.

  10. What do they recommend about darts, eh bub?

  11. Man this meme is deep. Some real dedication to the creation.

  12. I wonder what is this for exactly? What can this what my normal circular saw can't?

  13. Best use I've found was doing strapping on a boom lift. Had a bunch of material and hanging this on my belt was easier than taking a full size cord saw.

  14. Started making dinner and remembered it was on. Glad I caught the last half of the 3 round of map 3.

  15. I will admit I enjoyed watching Seattle lose after they were such cunts about Wilson. Guy won you a SuperBowl. Have some respect.

  16. He'd probably still be a Seahawk and retire as one had they won it

  17. That would've been a timeline. This one has definitely been more fun.

  18. 100% don’t give a shit about the chargers anymore. I’m glad they lost. Fuck LA

  19. Sheesh, what did the Coty of Angels do to hurt you?

  20. For that price, you could’ve went to wild wing

  21. And proceeded to shit yourself for the next 12 hours

  22. The Skydome actually can fit a full soccer pitch - they have done so before. A few of the seat sections are modular and can come out. And they can and have put in grass for soccer games before. The real problem with the Skydome is that it's a bad way to watch soccer because the shape is wrong.

  23. This is definitely all true but could be a different reality with all the ongoing construction to seating that is currently underway.

  24. Dougie P going for two when down 4 makes no sense. But the man has a SB ring and I got nothing.

  25. Nevaehleigh is just heaven backwards. I hate to love it.

  26. Its more of a fashion brand now

  27. Carhartt WIP is slightly different than Carhartt.

  28. I bought a pair of double duck's in October. Three weeks of wearing them with a tool belt and a small whole frayed in the phone pocket.

  29. Why would anyone buy a pound and a half of cooked rice?

  30. Tbh I don’t think their live resin cart is actually resin but distillate with a resin terp but I might be wrong. And I would buy legally if i could but my province does not allow carts.

  31. 5 years later and one of the provinces doesn't allow carts?

  32. Were they just trying to ask for crazy numbers hoping optic would say no or something

  33. "Fuck you" price; fuck you we don't really want to go through with this but if you want to pay an obscene amount let's go.

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