1. Australian here with what might sound like a dumb question. People in other countries know about Bluey?

  2. I'm Brazilian and my 4 year old daughter loves it.

  3. A grande maioria das pessoas vai "enriquecer" trabalhando. Não enriquecer de ficar rica, mas de ter seu apartamento, sua família, poder viajar pra fora e etc, aquela vida de classe média/alta bacana. Investimentos vão ajudar nisso, mas muito dificilmente substituir ou igualar o salário mensal.

  4. Patrimônio de 4 milhões não garante boa aposentadoria sem destruição de patrimônio.

  5. Talvez não no seu padrão de vida, mas para uma pessoa na média, dá pra se aposentar tranquilamente e com fartura.

  6. Huawei trained the Chinese-language equivalent of GPT-3

  7. Abundance will low the value of land. Productivity will greatly increase. In case of large scale irrigation production will be greater than consumption for many decades.

  8. Yes, oh wise one, what an astute insightful comment. It doesn't mean you just accept it.

  9. For those who want to keep doing silly things and jokes, it really isn't a good option.

  10. *fez o que foi paga pra fazer. (Mercado de auditoria é extremamente prostituído, a quantidade de dinheiro que ganham pra fazer vista grossa é absurdo).

  11. Quem diria.. Né? Afinal, capitalismo. (não é um elogio ao comunismo)

  12. Hardcore is a term that can have sexual connotations. That must have been your confusion.

  13. You really have no idea of ​​human creativity in generating EXTREMELY harmful content. For example, a company does not want to have its service used by someone creating a guide to child suicide.

  14. OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory consisting of the non-profit OpenAI Incorporated (OpenAI Inc.) and its for-profit subsidiary corporation OpenAI Limited Partnership (OpenAI LP).

  15. I was aware of what was going to happen. Still, ChatGPT was like a punch in the face. Very powerful.

  16. Why didn’t they at least name it something catchier?

  17. This system is just a test. And they didn't think it would work so well.


  19. Its artificial intelligence, not artificial Trump-dumbass. :-)

  20. GPT-3 at least allows creating stories with sexual content. ChatGPT became a bit**, always telling me it's against OpenAIs Policies

  21. Novelty will wear off. A lot of edgy boys are getting upset they can't get it to write a word tits any more. It was hyped by cryptobros and this will go down. Over time AI will be picked up by more professionals using it for work like it was intended

  22. I bet only a small fraction of the population has tried using ChatGPT.

  23. Before it ruins our lives it’ll make all information on the internet annoyingly unreliable and potentially inaccurate.

  24. Oh. Sweet illusion. I maintain a website about the Periodic Table (in Portuguese). In a few months my website will no longer be needed. Yes, my project is quickly getting obsolete.

  25. Agradeça a Alan Turing, ateu e homossexual, pai da ciência da computação, nascido em 23 de junho de 1912

  26. O próprio Turing falou sobre o possível avanço da inteligência artificial. O cara era genial.

  27. Olha, dando uma olhada no instagram ou no youtube kids já tá assim faz um tempo. Parece que tentar ver qualquer coisa no insta é o mesmo que invocar todos os bots de conteúdo roubado possíveis, não precisa nem de IA, eles copiam vídeo do tik tok com crop automático e metem uma propaganda de algum bagulho de maquiagem no final

  28. Outro perigo é que a inteligência artificial permita manipulação automática de conteúdo com direito autoral. Por exemplo, pega um filme da Marvel e altera automaticamente algumas coisas que impedem os sistemas de detecção do YouTube de funcionar. Aí o YouTube fecha as portas por ser inviável combater roubo de filmes.

  29. Before long, there will be a service where you can talk to your dead friends and family, combining their voice cloning with AI chat bot

  30. Cool. Now scammers can trick my family with my voice.😳🤯🤯

  31. ChatGPT and other AI technologies is going to put a lot of universities and educators out of work; there is going to be pushback like horse traders and buggywhip manufacturers pushed back against the automobile.

  32. I'm a teacher and I agree with you. In a few years it will be more productive for a student to ask ChatGPT than to ask the teacher.

  33. When calculators started to show up in school, I heard similar arguments. They tried to ban those.

  34. Nope. ChatGPT will be extremely powerful. It's only the beginning.

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