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  1. crazy gut, kennt wer die Genrebezeichung den YH und vor allem meat computer jetzt fahren? gibts da ne Bezeichnung?

  2. Doesn’t have any meaning, same like the songs on this record

  3. You'll find your news sources for music, its out there Do it! I cut facebook nearly two years ago and it was the best thing I could have ever done.

  4. I am from Berlin Germany and I often find small concerts or events on Facebook tho. Otherwise I would have no clue where and how to find them. I asked friends and they also (sadly) rely on fb

  5. I use YouTube music, if I subscribe to an artist it tells me when new shit drops. I like starting with one song e.g. Elder - Spirit at Aphelion, then sit back and listen to all the other similar artists out there to discover - the playlist is different every time and I wouldn’t have discovered so many great acts if it wasn’t for this🤘Bandcamp is pretty good too for other info too

  6. Great. I will check it out. Nice that you mention elder - one of my favorites

  7. Oh man so boring.... But not suprised. IS it still WANYK tour? i mean 1 song....

  8. Well, because the new album is shit :)

  9. The I suggest you to check My Sleeping Karma, 35007, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster ( I urge you to listen to theirson Exegesis ), Pg. Lost, Prisma, Jericco... to name a few, start with their most popular songs and move from there ( Exegesis from Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster is a MUST!!)

  10. Russian circles! Going to see them next year with cult of Luna

  11. Yeah I really like them as well. Now I know they have a new album out haha

  12. Yeah check it out. It’s amazing, massiv!

  13. Yes, it is on my list! Will definitely get it in the next weeks.

  14. COVID and touring. They didn’t want to release an album when they couldn’t tour on it. That’s what happened with Omens.

  15. Ok, that’s what I’m hoping for (a tour!). Just saw them 2 months ago in Berlin. I hope they play here again in the beginning of next year :)

  16. Yes, fellow tool friend :)

  17. Oh shatt! haha, I'm still getting over their last two albums and hearing something new each go-around on repeat!

  18. This is the amazing thing about elder :)

  19. Spacey amazing! (If that exists) I loved endless return already and luckily I found my peace with omens in the last months. After I neglected it for almost a year I think I really understand it now!

  20. Probably also Qotsas first ST record. But more the small live concerts in Berlin which took place in amazing locations which are now (almost) all closed because of gentrification and shit :/

  21. I am Crazy excited! It sounds so good!!!

  22. Don’t get the hate for Omens. It’s my fav record by them along with the gold and silver sessions

  23. Well, then you clearly discovered them late and seek for something different than what they stood for :)

  24. I love lore, reflections, and their older stuff too but I really appreciate their evolution into the more prog/psychedelic sound

  25. Therefore I said „stood“ ;)

  26. Isn’t earthless also more psychodelic? (I love them tho)

  27. It's good, not great. Seems very safe, almost like a B-Side off of floating world.. I love elder, but it kind of feels like they're running out of ideas.

  28. It’s more than a b side but I guess what you mean!

  29. After listening to it a couple of times in my opinion the first half of the song is good, but reminds me too much of omens (imo their weakest record). The secon half is top notch. I love it!

  30. Ich lese das und habe noch nie wow gespielt, klingt interessant 😅

  31. Ich lese das und lache innerlich: ich verstehe kein Wort.

  32. Wie soll man auch etwas vermissen was man nie hatte?

  33. Because I most likely wouldn’t have discovered them. I only found slipknot late last year and it was through Duality. That’s just me though. Also concerts are so much better with heaps of people (imo)

  34. Okay, that you discovered them is nice! But imo smaller concerts are way nicer. The atmosphere is intense and ready to break! Last time I saw slipknot live the sound was so awful we had problems recognizing the songs - no joke. I was standing about mid range of the arena.

  35. Thank youuuuuu! Agreed!

  36. Showing a different opinion with the same intolerance. If that is an achievement, okay, here we go.

  37. And on top. I was bored on a train ride 😂

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