1. Glad I helped spread some hope and positivity midst the doom and gloom.

  2. I've really needed a dose of this. I keep hearing people talk about how the UK is going downhill, and fine, I'm sure change is needed, but there is so much that is good that it feels great to appreciate. Thank you.

  3. I love Myla, and it was once my top fav for a girl. I think it has a kind of sleek, cool vibe, which is maybe to do with the letters and sound of it.

  4. Lots of airbrushing. She doesnt actually look like that (check her appearance at Sundance for a reference)

  5. How old were you out of interest? Worried this will happen to me but hoping I'm past that stage.

  6. I had that happen to me between 25 and 26. It made me change the entire structure of my life, career etc. I know someone it happened to around 27-28, but I've no idea how common it is.

  7. No but I've been seriously (mentally) ready to try for one for a couple of years now (am 31), but my fiance wanted to get more financially stable/established first. We are gonna start trying this year after we get married.

  8. Gamine, but don't think you need to wear gamine in the way it's always recommended, find your own interpretation of it. I also have G but it needs to be more subdued and less stiff than I see some recs relating to it for. To me you could be gamine ingenue. Ingenue can lean more into classic than gamine can. I cant see classic essence but I could see a hint of classic coming through ingenue. The dramatic people are talking about can come through gamine, as dramatic is very yang, but its a playful yang through gamine :)

  9. Why Euphoria, if you don't mind me asking? I'm confused because I've always perceived the main cast as "fake" teenage movie teenagers.

  10. But they're meant to portray teens and teens watching could glamourise that behaviour. It happened for sure when my peers watched Skins as a teen in the uk.

  11. Aww I just wanna give little you a hug! It is no fun being a teen

  12. RPDR contestants trying not to make it obvious that they are about to do a ruveal on the main stage

  13. I ended up accidentally watching three movies with her in it over the last few weeks (Amsterdam, Last Night in Soho, and The Menu) and finally realized she is the acting equivalent of white rice: she can do a lot but goddamn, she is just bland without any accompaniments.

  14. She was alright in Last Night in Soho because she barely needed to do anything. I couldn't believe how wooden she was in The Menu. She was miscast too, it had more of an Emma Stone vibe IMO

  15. I've got both and I feel like some of the recs crossover with each other e.g. shortened lines. I've had a lot of 'before my time' life experiences but as a 31 year old still very much feel my ingenue essence is there and isn't budging any time soon, to the dismay of how I am often treated inappropriately for my age because I look so much younger than I am. In fact, if I dress too gamine without honouring ingenue, I don't look balanced. The energy of gamine is mischievous but the ingenue innocent and the two can definitely co exist. When I used to be an actress I'd be cast in roles that blended the two, like a cute girl next door who was also a bit of a rebel lol.

  16. That is very true! They are both contained within the other somehow. And I agree that honouring them makes you look more mature, but what I have realised, actually, is for me that me looking 'mature' still doesn't take away from looking young overall lol. It just makes me look slightly less young and more put together.

  17. River Phoenix. Idk could have been a genius or not.

  18. I wonder this. Joaquin does some great work, but then his career trajectory has been likely quite diff than River's would've been.

  19. uj/ is she okay? She looks awful, like she’s sick or something.

  20. I think yeah, she is super low weight at the moment but also the blonde hair and eyebrows (which is for Wicked) washes out her skin tone which gives that sickly look.

  21. Hard agree with this, thank you for sharing your perspective. I gave myself a kibbe makeover in 2020 based on recs and felt so separate from myself, despite on the surface looking 'harmonious'. I am also LD I believe and my needs as someone that relates to LD will always trump the rules best suited to me in kibbe and colour season. Having said that, it is useful to 'know the rules' in order to break them intentionally and as you said, sometimes just break bits of them, that way getting the best of each bunch!

  22. FG and I hate almost all patterns and I hate short hair on me! I had a year where I followed every FG rec and in a way looked cohesive but felt like I was in a costume.

  23. When my dad was still around with ALS I almost never complained about anything to do with my body!

  24. I am so so sorry. This was me three months ago with my dad. It's a mixed bag of feelings as you've said, and will be ever-changing. Take care of yourself and don't feel pressure to do anything before you are ready

  25. Omg I am obsessed with them both. Especially that song! thank you for this, don't know if I would've ever discovered it otherwise.

  26. The authentic emotion, creative and visual lyrics and guitar element of his songs. I had a musical awakening at 17 when I discovered Jeff Buckley, who covers a lot of those bases too. Youtube suggested me the live Where The Light Is video of I Don't Trust Myself I at a tough time in my life and I have never looked back.

  27. Avalon- I get a lot of compliments. Thanks mom & dad 😊

  28. Gah I adore Avalon, I have it on my girls list. Do you ever get called nicknames? like Ava?

  29. I’d be hesitant to choose a name influenced by compliments - a lot of people are just being polite, especially if they’re surprised by an unusual name. I admit I’ve complimented a lot of names IRL that really aren’t great.

  30. Agree with this. Sometimes if I have a strong dislike reaction to a name I hear IRL I compliment it almost to overcompensate to feeling guilty about that. But agree that there are some awesome ones here

  31. They all look INCREDIBLE! The only thing that bums me out about fashion videos like this (of any age) is that they always seem to focus on 'up' outfits, which makes sense as they draw the most attention. But as a very 'down' person it makes me feel like an imposter in being 'into fashion' if I'm not dressing in a way as flashy as these amazing ladies or similar.

  32. I hadn't read fiction for years but was randomly drawn to it in a bookshop a few years ago when it came out. It made me look at trees completely differently after reading it which tracks because of how many books about trees Richard Powers read in order to write it. Didn't love the entirety of the plot but I'll always have a special place in my heart for it; I've been reading so much fiction ever since.

  33. Well done on your growth through the hard times! I have a similar feel towards that album as I discovered it at a really rough time in my early 20s and it was like nectar. It's genuinely one of the only albums that I LOVE every song on (maybe daughters not as much). I can't just pick one!:

  34. People in the trees became an instant fave when I read it. Friends I've tried to lend it to have hated it because of the narrator, which is why I love it.

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