1. id stay away from that sub. They will go ape shit if you criticize the game. Super toxic community that sends death threats to voice actors.

  2. I thought I had subbed to all of the cat subreddits already!

  3. They likely shot this with insta 360 cameras. These cameras shoot 360 videos and give you enough freedom in post to create your desirable frame. Meaning, you can hold your camera any way and you won't miss the shot.

  4. They are definitely hardened criminals. They will need months of nose boops to bring them back in line.

  5. There is another kind of punishment which works flawlessly but is often overlooked.

  6. I have a story... I've told many people about it and nobody has seen anything similar. There was a short portly older man in a tuxedo with a tophat standing on the side of the road. It was pitch black and I only saw him because he had a slight odd green glow. As we get closer he takes his hat off and holds it in front of him about waist level. All of the sudden a bright green laser beam shoots across the road and an identical man appeared on the other side. I was frozen unable to speak or move. When the front of the truck broke the beam they both disappeared. I looked over to the driver and asked if he saw it and he said he did but couldn't move or speak or else he would have stopped. At the next truck stop I asked other drivers if the had seen anything similar and they laughed and said we needed to get some sleep.

  7. What a motivating workout bike. If you get tired and try to sit down it’ll push you right back up into your workout.

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