1. sorry i know this is a year old, but your step just helped me and the new video card i just bought, have you show you how much appreciated I am. Thank you!

  2. I'm a bit suprised you saw clear benefits from ReBAR on z390 but i'l be honest i'm unsure how well it should work on older intel sockets.

  3. Indeed, on my 165hz 1440p monitor, I am usually playing RPG's, Action-Adventures (like RDR, Plague Tale), single player RTS's and very rarely shooters, never multiplayer stuff.

  4. I'l let you figure the final answer out yourself.

  5. Mmm yeah, so quick update. I just bought a second hand RTX 3070 for 365€. I also should be able to sell my 6600Xt with at least 270€. This translates into a ~40% improved gaming performance across the board for less than 100€.

  6. Such a rare thing for people to post about the fitment of Shadow Rock TF2s. So thank you for this.

  7. What instrument are you guys using for microneedling?

  8. Maternal grandfather for me, so not a myth in my case.

  9. You are in the wrong I am afraid. Battery life is a legitimate concern and it is an aspect that is valued by many users. One expects battery life to maybe improve or even get worse (see Pixel 6) with updates, so it is not outrageous to have questions about it pop up months and months after the initial release.

  10. Wait, so applying some rogain once per day makes your skin (face) all wrinkly? Or are we talking about oral minoxidil or some specific concentrations and application types (i.e.: together with other medications and/or microneedling)?

  11. Yeah I've been thinking about waiting for the S23 as well. Any word on when it might be released? I mean my current phonescreen is literally held together by bits of tape hehe. But I'm sure I'll be able to use it for a few more months like this. As the phone itself works just fine.

  12. Will be released no later than February 2023.

  13. I do not own an S22 but I have made some extensive research on it regarding battery life, which unfortunately is very poor, especially for heavy users such as yourself. So yes, battery anxiety is a given.

  14. But the big question is... will it improve battery life? :)

  15. Rgke says:

    Incoming sound quality is good in mine but other people are complaining about the microphone quality. Using a headset it's fine apparently. I'm assuming your issue is the sound quality of the people talking to you?

  16. Yep, I had the same issue, I could hear people just fine, but the other complained that they heard me occasionally with crackling noises. This, on top of some minor but nagging issues, ultimately made me return it. I mean I could get over smartphone issues, but basic phone flaws are unacceptable at this level.

  17. I'm having the same problems and am considering a return. Was your return experience relatively painless?

  18. Yep, pain free, but that depends on your country's consumer protection legislation and how much of a hustler the company you bought your product from is. I live in the EU (so the legislation part is already taken care of) and I took great care of the phone in order to return it in mint condition, so all went really well.

  19. I used to own a Zenfone 9 before returning it as I was not convinced by its call quality and some minor (but very relevant for me) functionality issues.

  20. I am on the fence about buying an S22 myself, and from all the research that I have gathered for a month or so, I learned that you can improve battery life with some optimisations. Do not expect any miracles, but with some tweaks you can get it to last a normal day (morning to late evening). Just google s22 battery optimisation and you should come across some nice info.

  21. So... any updates on the transplant, everything growing well?

  22. You do not look bad one bit, but I do have to say that your previous look was not shabby at all either. I mean yes, you had the usual balding spots, but you rocked a nice vibe. I think you can postpone the complete shave off thing for a while still. My 2 cents. :)

  23. Man, I rarely feel the need to comment around here, buy seriously, great decision, you rock! I will not lie, it gives you a slightly more mature look, but it just feels right. So no need to feel shy about anything!

  24. So I tried the MS launcher. I turned on badges in the settings and... nothing. It shows only one badge and that is on the google app. No messages badges (those atleast worked on asus launcher apart from ig), no mail badges (outlook or gmail).

  25. Yes, very weird stuff, that I do not like one bit.

  26. I think it is Android 12 thing. Notifications counter badges only for messages and such. You can try different launcher. There it should work.

  27. I followed your advice, which I thank you for btw, and I went and installed Microsoft Launcher and all of a sudden everything seemed to work, all badges were in place. I did a restart, and everything went to crap. It even started behaving even more weirdly than the Asus Launcher.

  28. Whenever I (36M) hear this "dating with intent" thing, I just want to run or crawl up back into my cave. To be clear, I am not bothered by the relationship bit, having it spelled out in one's profile is very much welcome (especially since I am in principle also interested in that), but just leave it there and try not to bring it up anymore.

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